5 Essential Air Travel Items

I believe the whole idea of travel to be an interesting concept especially when you embark on a journey to check on a loved one or two.

iceini pilot
These pilots are flying the friendly skies sitting comfortably numb in the cockpit navigating the aircraft.

Tens of thousands of souls on this planet travel every year for personal or business reasons without having to worry about deep issues which may affect the smooth running of their crossing from the point of departure to arrival.

Let’s think about it for a sec. We’ve heard or read about plane accidents caused by poor maintenance, security breach, faulty engines, pilot incompetence, or subtle natural factors such as a boisterous rainfall leading to a crosswind. During most incidents, trained pilots know how to adopt a yaw orientation.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Listening to stories about the space of Transformation in air travel gives me the impression the experience is euphoric.

Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real: You like the joyful sound heard when humanity makes a quantum leap in space travel, bringing with it numerous benefits. Look at the wright brother’s showcase of triumph in expanse to universal understanding about planetary bodies. Wow!

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Some can describe the link above as the “tumbleweed game.” This only reveals there is a fine line between head banging to music vibrations and games, all of which have their individual interpretations.

Come, let me show you a shortlist of items to bring on your flight to enjoy a well rounded travel experience.

And perhaps just as important, I’ve got 3 things here that you shouldn’t bring on a flight.


There’s a lot more items you will find useful but I have listed 5 top notch items to get you started if you love to have a relaxing journey, just like me.

Noise Cancelling headphones (or earplugs)

It’s easy to take the physics of flight for granted. The propeller work so hard to produce a resulting sound. Good noise cancelling headphones can cut the engine noise down significantly, making the whole flight a lot more soothing.

USB battery pack

In the last few years I have felt a tingling, sparkling sensation in my hands whenever my device indicates ‘battery about to die’. It is not painful, but there’s an urgency for something to be released during my work to snap beautiful moments. Bring external battery if you plan on watching movies on your tablet for the whole flight. Never run out of juice again.

Camera (or your phone)

I am drawn to people who think they are going crazy each time they try to find their phone. I know what this feels like personally. Many of my old, traditional colleagues are convinced phones should be put away in the overhead bins. Big mistake, especially if you’re in the window seat.

Interestingly, it’s a different ball game if you’re sitting in an aisle.


Here’s other list of items you should have on (or near) you. These aren’t vital, but they make customs/immigration a lot easier on the other end.


Mostly just to have the number and valid dates for the landing cards.

Address where you are staying: You know? Your identity document proves you are who you say you truly are. If you’re trying to get home, be on time. Immigration excuses are not enough to put a smile on the face of who/what awaits you on arrival. Be ready with the address you’ll be staying for your whole trip. Border control may ask ‘Where are you staying?’ Always make sure you have an answer.


Well, fill it up real quick because most countries require you to complete a form. Flight attendants almost never have spare pens, and if they do, they probably won’t lend you (they need them!).

It’s just easier to have a pen with you (blue or black ink only). Who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends with your seatmates as everyone asks to borrow your beloved ballpoint.

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This is it 11

-Don’t bring (seriously)-

And here are the items you should never bring on a plane, especially for international flights.

Anything that smells

Seriously. People can sense a foul smell especially when it stinks like someone who hasn’t had a wash since the days Martin Luther appeared before the Diet of Worms. Please shower well before your flight. If you are a sucker for fitness and beauty just like me, keep it real, always looking fresh, dressed to kill. Mint fresh breath, plus a decent watch to match. Travelling with your kids? Carry them along in a delicate fashion.

Yes! You can make an impression with Eau De Parfum which compliments your body odour and let things flow naturally. Bang on tidy. Any day! Anytime!


Most airlines will only allow liquid containers under 30ml/1oz. You can fill an empty water bottle after you clear security. Sleek airlines provide drinks/ beverages on-board anyway. It come in handy to remember that flight attendants are capable of serving juices in jugs big or small. So, what’s the point stressing about the juicy flow?

For more information and resources, check out @aviationblogs on Twitter

I had a word with a friend who is an air hostess. This is what she said to me:

“My must have items include selfie stick and energy bars. If I have to come with my electronics, I bring my backup charger unless I’m heading for the woods.”

So, what are your essential air travel items? Share your own in the comment section.

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