7 Energy Restoration Techniques (Episode 1)


Primarily, the way to enlarge your influence is to make connections with more people. I have been resistant to extending myself. I feel I will dilute my power. You may disagree with my arguments about spreading myself too thin. Generally, I have discovered a recipe that works for restoring my energy and unblocking my life force.

When we arrive at the gateway seeking answers to our purpose on Earth, we are met by our guide who pinpoints different paths to our eventual destination. And in so doing, we choose a path for the gaps in our energy field to be pushed or pulled for any damaged energy to get back into place.

The journey is the reward.

When we cross over and are met by our guide, events take on new meanings. Our guides are present to help us navigate various terrains by outlining the path which has been specifically designed for our goodness, positive energy flows, and healing of mind, body and soul. During my recent travel, I passed through incredible landmarks including Dôme des Invalides, Musée de l’Armée, Tour De Eiffel, Champs-Élysées, The Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral. I find that the techniques our guide use in communicating fall into seven main categories:

napoleon paris
Picture taken by unknown tricycle rider. May 2016


1. Envelopement

You know that feeling you get when you’re being hugged by a loved one? Here you are completely cloaked by a large circular mass of your guide’s powerful energy. As the soul and guide come together, the soul feels as if though they both are encased in a bubble. Having experienced this, it feels like pure ecstasy.

 2. The Focus Effect

Energy is applied to certain points at the edges of the soul’s etheric body from any direction of the guide’s choosing. We might be taken by the hand or held by the tops of our shoulders from a side position. Healing begins from a specific point in the form of accentuation followed by deep penetration.

You can shake with the right hand while delivering a message with the left hand.

How To Manifest Your Dreams and Make The Universe Give You What You Want

3. Emergency Treatment at the Gateway

When you arrive at the gateway with energy that is in a deteriorated state, some of our guides engage in emergency healing. This is both physical and mental healing. Some people have journeyed thousands of lifetime before arriving at a certain point in their current life. Rest is needed before the soul moves any further. Essentially, it is an imprint of a human form we have not shed yet, like the skin of a reptile. Rough edges and broken intervals are fixed to make you whole again.

Harvard confirms: Pain Relief, Heart Health, and Optimal Blood Pressure Without Drugs or Surgery Are Just The Beginning With This Odd Therapy…

4, 5, 6, 7 to be continued following next trip to Black Sea coast.

Until then, let no one steal your energy. No one!

If you find this post helpful, drop a comment for Episode 2 to be published.

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