Follow The Light: First Insight (The Love Hug)

I have the sense that there is a powerful Presence on the other side who is managing things. If there’s a key to the energy patterns – this is it.

In 1850, Joseph W. Swan began working on a light bulb using carbonised paper filaments. The light bulb in particular, profoundly shaped human existence by illuminating the dark and making our activities more convenient. If it wasn’t performed properly, the hatching of the idea would have gone into obscurity and we may have waited another generation to see it come to fruition.

The birthing of an idea is similar to activities during delivery. When you go to the place of hatching- where ideas are hatched, there are incubators who are like midwives. They help the new ones emerge. They embrace the tiny energy in a timeless, exquisite fashion.

The Love Hug

From every creation comes a life force of all-knowing love and knowledge. What we pass on with our vibrations during contact with a new idea is …… the essence of a beginning – a hopefulness of future accomplishments. This involves instilling thoughts of what it is and what it can become.

space travel

When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Let me take this Love Hug one step back. Does each new idea have an individual character at conception? Do we add or subtract from it’s given identity?

The enormous gravity of these questions show what it means to nurture an idea whose time has come. Overcoming obstacles makes every idea stronger but the acquired imperfections will never be totally erased until alignment with ‘who’, ‘what’ is “to be” its essence is achieved. Announcement of time to begin is demonstrated through disengaging from its conduit. At this point, we bring to the idea an awareness of its existence.

This is the time of your awakening!

Keep coming… we might go deeper on this trip to the twelfth insight. And if you ask for more, I can drop it like its hot to the thirteenth insight.

REX iceini.eu_Modified

REX is the cutest dog in the world, my best friend. Despite what I have just written, I’ve been working so hard to develop my relationship. Oh, I’m glad to see him. He gives me a warm look. “It’s good to be working with you again.” 🙂


Every word underneath star line was included on Friday 7th October 7.00GMT after the author recognised a clear distinction between the image of REX and the work he embodies.

We like to dance and we like to sing and play. But over this passive enjoyment, we shall discover music, music that will make us participate actively in the working of a mind that orders, gives life, and creates.

The quoted text displayed above is a sneak peek of REX’s hypersensitivity to sound which made it particularly important for the owner to develop techniques of ordering and organising sounds into acceptable patterns, which is exactly what composers do.

Looking forward to “Follow The Light: Second Insight?” You already know what to do.


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