Instagram On Fire!

Did you know the day will come when we upload pictures of our meals on social media because we want to share our lifestyle? What a radical transformation! During most selfies, solitary thinking is required plus handwork that gives us the deepest pleasure. Obviously!

Is it true that we also want things that our hands could not hold?

img_3506 TOOLS

I was at the marketplace to shop for a list of tools. I did not get the tools I wanted to hop on social media with my meal-in-hand. I couldn’t get the tools that was OK for converting melodious moves; I only saw tools you don’t have to pin to win. This Instagram on fire tool wasn’t what I wanted.


I couldn’t understand the language, but the vision is full-sized to match the music in my mind especially when I saw Coca-Cola and DMAX logos alongside eight other brand’s collabo with the Instagram on fire tool.

The more we cling to the language we don’t understand, the more cosmological power we accord them, and the less we notice the fathering and mothering afforded by the world every day in what it sends our way. 

The world affords nesting and sheltering, nourishing and quenching, adventuring and playing. It is filled with useful, playful, and intriguing opportunities. The cat doesn’t see a thing we call an empty box, it sees safe hiding for peering. The oriole doesn’t see a branch, but an occasion for perching. The bear doesn’t smell honeycomb, but an opportunity for delicious feeding.

*** Check the A-Z smart tools on display and grab everything you need. ‘Instagram on Fire’ is located at Alphabet L***

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