Starting afresh: A period of arousal followed by relaxation (1 minute read)

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The Advancement of reason

I had the great privilege to be a close observer of an as yet homogeneous, but unfortunately rapidly disappearing social structure, expressing itself in reckless abandon.

The triumph of the new tech wave and the ease of modern communication have caused the disappearance of many business channels, as they have also diminished the number of heavy data usage. Society requires streamlining for its survival. We have many complex systems which carries the risk of sending our society into a junkyard of industrial production.


Comforting Background

In our first post, there’s a suggestion to follow the light. A dark world is frightening. Nightmares and infantile fears coalesce with rational anxieties when we come home at night through unlit streets. But a silent world is even more terrifying. Is no one there? Nothing going on at all?

∼ A silent world is a dead world.

We take tranquility for granted. A state of ecstasy to be cultivated during the ‘dark night’ of the soul. Tranquility removes stress so we don’t fall back to old thought patterns. The choice to remain silent may or may not have grave consequences but it’s worth noting that a word spoken on time can calm the most turbulent sea. Self-awareness can take us beyond what we thought was our original destination.

There is pleasure to be gained from seeing the co-ordinated bowing of the various elements in play during the ups and downs of life. From musical notes to gymnastics; oceanic waves to the 4 seasons of the year, our life’s task is designed to create order out of chaos. Rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent; melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.

This is such a multifaceted planet. Sure, this place brings heartache, but it is delightful too and incredibly beautiful. Let’s take back control of our world and make everything flow peacefully for the advancement of our civilization….

The great lesson of Earth is to overcome both planetary and private destructive forces in life, grow strong from the effort, and move on.

If you’re willing to start afresh, it’s highly recommended you turn the page and listen to this message:

How To Make The Universe Give You Everything You Want

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