Super food raw energy bars with cacao

What is Glee Energy Bar?
Glee energy bars are packed full of powerful nutrients to boost your wellbeing. The long-lasting energy bars to get you through your busy (or leisurely) day. Useful for jacking up your superpower, eating your way through the library, lunch break at Starbucks, chilling at work doing your thing, journey to the deepest valley or the highest mountain & much more!
If you’re tired of banging on about nutritional bars that are not filling, meet Glee Raw Bar – The only energy bar to satisfy even the most insatiable appetite.

Tell me what they’ve got

If you want real, raw, cruelty -free, high quality, efficient and delicious energy bars – you’ve got them right here.


Glee energy bar “Classic”

Chia, Goji berry, cocoa beans, raw nuts – almonds, dry fruits – figs,
Contains only natural sugars
Vegan, Gluten & Sugar free

Glee classic white box.JPG

  • 10 bars per box
  • You can mix-it to
  • Create your combo


Glee energy bar “Double Chocolate”

Chia; Goji Berry; Cocoa Beans; Cocoa Powder; Cocoa Butter; Cocoa Pieces; Coconut Butter; Coconut pieces , raw nuts – almonds; dry fruits – figs
Vegan, Gluten & Sugar free

Glee energy bars double chocolate pack of 10.JPG

Delicately wrapped up for your utmost pleasure.

Can’t wait to taste? Pay us a visit

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