Cool things running with emojis (that’s it for now!)

The King of marketing is here and everyone seems to be fast asleep!

It’s just about to get heated up with a new marketing trend. Thought about emojis a couple of weeks ago but I shunned the possibility of the idea becoming a front runner for communicating brand messages.

Sometimes intuition occur but we quickly dismiss it because it doesn’t make a lot of sense at the time. If we pay closer attention to that still small voice urging us to explore new horizons, we may just realise it’s our inner light guiding us to future possibilities.

Wanna know how emoji can turn thousands or even tens of thousand of words into one expression? Read all about it and keep this message close to your chest. Once you wake up to the reality of the rapidly changing moves in trade, the marketplace takes on a new meaning!

Now, my intuition is whispering, ‘Flick the bean burger’ whatever that means LOL!  I’ll take some time to ponder and get to know what it’s trying to tell me. Who knows? You might be in for a treat or two.

Please don’t forget to write in the comment section and let me know what you think about this emoji show. Like or comment below to get more post like this from me. 😎

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