Gotham Reexamined

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Four years after the shaping of a movie cover whose colour is described as being in retrograde, here’s The Dark Knight Rises from one screenwriter’s perspective which carries a poignant message for all of us:


Besides the effects of color, another external means of investigating this British-American superhero film is to compare their shapes. An energy form that includes symmetry versus irregularity of shape, brightness or dimness of light configurations and the quality of motion, all of which provides insight to the path of escape batman followed.

Dave lures batman [Dwayne] underground and traps him there. He seems to enjoy keeping him there despised, never to be tolerated! What follows is a movie that will go down in human history as an epic version of candy crush saga. Toffette will be the leading actor in this drama, with others in supporting role.

Dave’s visit to Warner Bros.

It’s a shame about Dave. His green used to be so brilliant. He was a great weaponizer who became corrupted by power. For Dwayne, things were almost too easy – he was so talented. His downhill slide happened over a number lives involving many abuses. He loved the veneration and adulation so much, his vanity became a disguise from himself.

Dave began losing his gifts and we notice his colour fading and growing more muted. Finally, Dave became so ineffective he was sent down for retraining. We all expect he will eventually come back. Only this time, he may be coming back as a cat.

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