The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel


Written by guest blogger: Titilayo Aloba, mamapreneur, high flyer

– Freelance writer, contributor, inspirational & motivational

The Things I Want From My Guardian Angel

  • Name
  • Something About Their Personality or What They Look Like
  • Information About Their Role in My Life and How Specifically My Angel can Help Me in Day-Day Living
  • Answers to Difficult Questions and Problems
  • Direction and Guidance
  • Information About My Future
  • Insight Into Personal Relationships
  • Assistance With Money
  • Health and Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Assistance With Family Particularly Watching Over Children
  • Help With Grief
  • Support With Job Chances and Careers
  • Help With Studying
  • Guidance on How I Might Manifest My Dreams
  • Help With Choices That Will Bring Fulfillment
  • Travel and Holiday Plans
  • What To Wear on Day-to-Day Basis
  • Twitter and Facebook Status Updates

flight attendant

About the Author

Born in Vienna, raised partly in Nigeria, Titilayo is a sucker for chai tea, writing, reading, and travelling. Formerly full time stay at home Mom, now a flight attendant with a major US airline. She can be found blogging about the many facets of her life when she is not busy sharing sunshiney smiles in the sky.

You can follow Titilayo on Twitter, or visit her blog for more information

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