The Art of Being A Distributor (Learning the Basics)

Far from being an organised person, high roller, or pitch maker who acts professionally with ritual observance to a long list of field ethics do’s and don’ts, effective distributors know how to get their products placed at spots they were originally designed for.

Oh snap! A distributor takes note of hotspot

The art of distribution does not come with any specific set of rules. Although following some systematized, based on logic, and set structure built on what has worked for some other leading distributors who have become authorities in their niche may lead to emergence, this fact can be fully explained, leaving nothing to chance or imagination. Talking about imagination, let it roam freely on the field of play and make it your own. Let your personality shine through as you find rich and meaningful ways to break barriers to entry, especially if your product is new to the marketplace. It is interesting to note that the famous quote, “Art upsets, science reassures”, was made by the French sculptor, painter, and designer, Georges Braque.

Art upsets, science reassures.

The corporate outfit fallacy

Even though smart and professional appearance is often advised by wearing business attire such as suits and ties for men, it is far more important to act honestly and clearly explain why you are approaching customers. Once you’re greeted with a warm reception to get the conversation started, seize the moment to make a good first impression. This is your chance to let your customers know why they need to buy from you. How your products will benefit them, and who the products were made for.

Here are 5 steps to a conversation that leads toward sales (for physical distribution and e-marketing)


Physical: (less than 10 seconds)

Smile: mirror effect

Eye contact: establishes trust

Excitement: if you’re not, why should they be?

e-marketing (Within the twinkle of an eye)

Simplicity: High quality image (content)

Elegance: let your image speak

Entertaining: loosen your jaw and display some sense of humour. Life is difficult as it is!


Physical: (10 to 15 seconds)

WHO           Keep

WHAT         It

WHY           Short and


e-marketing: (take your time)

Make it 90% image based with little to no texts. Galleries and videos are also great ways of marketing your products. Remember not to send them to snooze by making the video too long. They haven’t requested House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. If they wanna watch that, they’ll go on Netflix.


Remember, when you maintain your SEE and KISS principles, creative juices flow nicely.

Physical: (presentation tips)

  • Put the cards in their hands
  • Stand by their side (when possible)
  • Be on their level
  • Voice fluctuations – Strategic Pause
  • Use buzz words & speak in past tense (absolutely, all, everyone, free, already ordered…)
  • Maintain your SEE and KISS principles
  • Read buying/ non-buying signs

e-marketing: Presentation tips

Put the cards in their timeline with Social media Ads. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter provide tools for effective Ad campaigns that delivers to your target audience. Pinterest is a great tool for images. Don’t forget your hashtags #pinittowinit

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'I think' said the sweet potato 'therefore I yam'.

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Video/ live streaming

This is a very effective way to pitch and distribute your products/ brand. However, this can be a bit expensive for startup businesses on low budgets. Check when you really need to create as your biz grows. Simply using an iPhone to record and upload on YouTube can work for starters. Timing and customer interaction is key when it comes to creating videos or live streaming. No point streaming when your live viewers= 0

These days, a lot of social media platforms have live streaming apps. People send snaps to other users showing them what they up to. That is dope!

Anyway, have you heard about Periscope? Check our list of smart tools and help yourself make some extra money using it.



The customer will clearly give you a Yes, No, or Negative after your presentation. Clearly explain for each Negative.

For e-marketing, there are tools to check the pages your customers are viewing: from landing page to checkout. You gain insight through valuable user interaction stats on your website. If they eventually drop the basket, follow through WHO WHAT WHY.

The common negatives:

  • Buying pattern
  • Responsiveness
  • Other products
  • Need to consult with superior

V. CLOSE – with confidence 

Pitch high

Use examples

Be Direct

Stress the Deal

Click here for additional reading on the above distributor taking note of hotspot!

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