Got A Dream Team? (7 expressions to gear up your startup)


Brilliant! I found myself rethinking everything from physics classes. The result of my thinking has been penned into a whole new gestalt, furnishing the mind with what I believe to be true.

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Potential: Highly accessible to everyone

We are shaped by the words we live by and most often by the way and manner we express ourselves. Yes, the greatest idea will amount to nothing if all it does is standing still like a statue. It is only a potential, dormant until energy is applied, setting it in motion. And no, we won’t give up due to unnecessary and externally caused calamities that wrongly shaped us. Damages caused by factors beyond our control, which are sometimes necessary to get us back in shape.

Kinetics: Those who like to move it move it

This 7 sayings and expressions want to repair some of the damage by showing what else was there, is there, in your nature. It wants to resurrect the unaccountable twists that turned your boat around in the eddies and shallows of meaninglessness, bringing you back to feelings of destiny. For that is what is lost in so many lives, and what must be recovered: a sense of personal calling, that there is a reason I am alive.

Either as an entrepreneur, startup taking a leap of faith, or venturing out of your comfort zones, you need as much motivation as you can get to fuel your ambition unto breakthrough.

Express Yourself

  • It is the quality of the advise that matters not who is giving it.
  • We may not like people who challenge us, but we need them.
  • Better to be lucky than competent.
  • You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
  • Give people what they want at a price they will pay.
  • An opportunity is an opportunity if you can deliver on it. Otherwise it is a liability.
  • Base decisions on future pay-offs, not past costs.

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