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Prepare to accept new ideas you might never have considered to be true. I rarely come across a sickle but when I do, it’s like BOOM!

One very meaningful aspect of my research has been the discovery of energy and how this insight was shared through my first book. The alignment in events leading to this blogpost titled, ‘Harvest Classified’ has been adequately fed with educational materials from seekers of truth, top notch business leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Marketing executives, bespoke entrepreneurs, the tech guys from yonder, and social media pros of the IT enterprise landscape including millennials.

The author remains grateful for this shared knowledge. He believes educational placement depends on the level of soul development, and based upon the soul’s state of advancement.


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, right now, forget everything you have known and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities contained in this blog post. Look, many will easily dismiss the insight I’m about to share as pseudo knowledge. It’s normal….And the few who will consider the words written here as reverent testimony of a life passing through Earth who is simply discovering the power of free will is truly liberating.

Nurturing the mind, body, and soul must be an individual quest or it has no meaning. You were not given your body by a chance of nature. It was selected for you by spiritual advisors and after previewing their offerings of other host bodies, you agreed to have the body you now have. Thus, you are not a victim of circumstance. You are entrusted with your body to be active in life, not a bystander. We must not lose sight of the idea that we accepted this sacred contract of life and this means the roles we play on Earth are actually greater than ourselves.

When I became involved with delving into the mysteries of the meaning of existence, I thought people would mostly want to know their guides and soulmates. Instead, I found their primary interest was their purpose in life. The question remains Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? I will endeavour to answer these age-old questions to the best of my knowledge. Please relax yourself and come me with me to…


A new soul is born

Our life’s journey begins at the bottom, where many reside but few rise above. Growth begins at conception, and the separation that follows is a wonderous moment. Once the souls leave their protective cocoons they enter into community life. It’s totally alive with an energy and distinctions of its own.

We cannot define the soul in a physical way because to do so would establish limits on something that seems to have none. The energy of the soul functions as vibrational waves similar to electromagnetic force but without the limitations of charged particles of matter.

Let me carry this vibrational hugging one step further. There are souls with similarities and those with none, all in the same batch. To fully understand soul energy, we would need to know all the aspects of its creation and, indeed, the consciousness of its source.


Because each of us is a unique being, different from all others, it is incumbent upon those who desire internal peace to find their own spirituality. When we totally align ourselves to belief systems based upon the experience of other people, I feel we lose something of our individuality in the process.

Michelangelo couldn’t have been anyone else other than the one whose artwork graces the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Maya Angelou could not have been any other way apart from the woman whose words inspire generations of poets and thinkers. Albert Einstein’s relativity, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, including those whose names never lined pages of our history books ….And many other great souls that ever took flesh.

We were created and sent to Earth to problem-solve within the matrix of an intelligent life form living in a difficult environment which involves suffering but also great beauty and promise. I believe it is vital to our mental health that we laugh at ourselves and the foolish predicaments we get into along our path. Life is full of conflicts and the struggle, pain and happiness we experience are all reasons for our being here. Each day is a new beginning.

Then another angel came out of the temple and called in a loud voice to him who was sitting on the cloud, “Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” Rev. 14:15

I present my findings about relationships in order to help you understand the beauty of shared bond and immortality of the human soul expressed through signs and symbols, soul mating, and ring of destiny- chain of divine influence.


From the dawn of human history our race has sought hidden spiritual meaning through interpretations of what we see around us. We have sought personal revelation through sign from the supernatural.

We use symbols of all sorts as embodiments of power and instruments of insight and self-development. Ancient cultural attachments to mystic symbolism were often associated with a desire for transfiguration of our higher self over the primitive side of human nature. The rights and symbols of secret mystical societies, such as Gnostics and Kabbalists, may well be explained citing example from one of the greatest movie series and episodes of all time- Game of Thrones.

For me, it was the House Stark design which had the most prominence. Wolves on emblems are not unusual. I found their symbolic meanings to be intriguing. I encourage you to feed your imagination with Game of Thrones – Family Crests and Rich Heraldry. Unfortunately, I must report that I cannot decipher the strange symbol in House Targaryen – The 3 dragons with 4 legs, 2 wings and a tail. The secret design remains a mystery and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that this is one feature of the emblem I’m not suppose to know about.

crescent moon sickle

In subsequent blog post, I will write about celestial signs with stars, moon and sun symbols from a research point of view rather than from personal experience. I realised that a crescent moon design is seen more often than other celestial designations.

“If you share all your knowledge with a person, it can create havoc if that person is not ready for certain things. I won’t talk to you about certain sacred things which pertain to me, otherwise I will be breaking the law of silence.”


In a broad sense, love is endearment, which can take many forms in life. There’s always a mental connection of one sort or another with a soulmate, regardless of the role they play. When most people hear the word ‘soul mate’, they think about the significant other they are suppose to share the rest of their lives with. To  be honest, I used to be like this until I discovered There are different kinds of soul mates. A further insight into twin flame takes soul mating into a whole new dimension. When we came to Earth, we did not come alone. Let’s put it this way…..Your other half was with you in the life selection room but you forgot when you got here. Have you found your twin? Yay! Remember, if your twin is supposed to appear they will come into your life, often when you least expect it.

Further reading for active seekers of twin flame: What Are The Differences Between Twin Flames And Soul Mates?

Where is my other half?

The energy of the soul is able to divide into two identical parts. On arrival, we forgot who this person is. To find our other half, we retrieve memories about the genesis of Self. Some may ask,  ‘Is it really possible that just one person out of over 7 billion people on Earth embodies this twin image?’ Well, I suppose, yes. Can you end up with someone who is not your twin? To my understanding, a big fat yes!


Here’s the catch: In the life selection room, there’s enough soul mates in our soul group to choose from. Imagine your soul mates are graded on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest sacred union and 1 being the lowest. Most people go through life content being with a 3, 4, 5, even 6…. And commonly so, because this is where most humans reside including lots of married people. What is stopping you from making contact with 9 or 10 in this lifetime? Hypothetically, I think 10 belongs in the realm of esoteric union.

When I presented this soul mate topic to my students, one of them asked me, ‘Where do you think Romeo & Juliet is on this scale?’ I answered ‘9’. He was like, ‘What! 9?’  I said, ‘Yeah 9’, responding sharply.

‘OK then’ he shrugged. ‘How about Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet?’ I responded with a bold ’10’ until I suddenly realised, O my God! What kind of answer was that? It’s only a movie for heaven’s sake 😱 Fascinated by the look on my face, he moved on to ask about Cinderella.  To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if the Cinderella story is fact or fiction. I had to drive the point home with a colloquial gesture.

Graduation as Gateway to higher consciousness

Some lives are so difficult that the souls arrive home very tired. Despite the energy rejuvenation process initiated by our soul group who combine their energy with ours at the gateway, we may still have a depleted energy flow. In these cases, more rest and solitude may be called for rather than celebrations. The soul knows when it’s time to celebrate and will follow suit.


Being with the “wrong” person for a period in your life does not mean that time was wasted. Everyone you meet along the way prepares you for the next life. The relationship was probably intended in advance. Always, there are karmic reasons behind the serious events involving relationships in our lives.

The road to self discovery and shaping a personal philosophy not designed by the doctrines of cultural conditioning takes effort but the rewards are great. There are many routes to this goal which begins by trusting in yourself. A great mind tells us, “Both the rational and irrational lead to the same understanding. Truly, the path travelled matters little; the will to arrive is enough.”

Moving from one disappointment to the next without loss of hope in the believe that everything will fall into place for the good of one true universal design is a gift given to many but few have cultivated. The journey can be lonely but it’s worth it. We mistakenly assume people who choose to live alone are lonely when actually they have rich lives that are calm, reflective, and productive. Connecting with someone for whom you have no feelings just for the sake of not being alone is more lonely than being by yourself. Having some ME time is not only rejuvenating, it’s also a blessing.

We live on a planet around a star which is also aging in chronological time. The cycle of life involves movement of time and the timelines of our dimensional reality appear to be influenced by advanced beings who allow chosen souls to study the past and see into the future.

Once you become aware of the power which lies deep within your subconscious, you can actively create a purposeful life around where your star leads.

Awareness, however, takes the crossing of your path with a particular event known only to your soul. You alone know what you heard and what you saw. Just like no Two people can have same fingerprints, your image is peculiar and individually tailored to your journey […] but you try to invite another person(s) deeper into the core of what was reserved only for you. Following the path requires great practice coupled with patience and acquired skills fashioned through your own unique experiences.


There are many articles and eBooks on this website you’ll find useful. Browse all our pages and help yourself to everything you want. Welcome to new beginnings and possibilities beyond what you could hope or dream of – Your harvest.

love marriage book

It must be recognised that this pathway does not suit everyone.

Submitted by: Adegbola Adeyemo

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