One Thousand Gold Coins [Greatest story ever told for authors, traders, millennials & many more]

One Thousand Gold Coins

This story was adapted from original publication, ‘The teacher’s Secret and other folk tales’ by Dominoes one. Oxford university press.

Written by Iceini blog Team Member. Feed your imagination…. Cheers! 

Nahuel lived in Turkey. He was a good man, but not very rich, and his wife wasn’t happy about it.

‘You pray to God every day, but nothing changes. We are always poor!’ she said. ‘I don’t understand it.  God doesn’t help us. Perhaps he doesn’t like us!’

‘Of course God likes us,’ answered Nahuel. ‘He loves everyone. Be quiet, wife!’

But his wife never stopped talking about money. In the end, Nahuel prayed to God: ‘PLEASE SEND me a thousand gold coins. Then my wife can be happy. But remember, I don’t want nine hundred and ninety-nine, and I don’t want one thousand and one. I want exactly one thousand coins.’

Every morning Nahuel prayed to God for his gold coins. His neighbour Ahmet, a rich man, heard him over the garden wall every day. He laughed and said to his wife: ‘Listen! Nahuel says he doesn’t want nine hundred and ninety-nine gold coins. I can’t understand him. Everybody wants gold and Nahuel is very poor. I’m going to throw nine hundred and ninety-nine gold coins over the wall into his garden. What’s he going to do then? Let’s see.’

The next morning, when Nahuel began praying, a bag of gold coins suddenly came over the garden wall and hit Nahuel on the head. Nahuel opened the bag and then smiled.

‘Come here, wife,’ he called. ‘Look! God is listening to me.’ His wife laughed and sang.

An hour later, Ahmet came to the door.

‘How are you, Nahuel?’ he asked, ‘I can hear laughing and singing in your house.’

‘We are happy,’ answered Nahuel, ‘because God is good to us. Look,’ he said and he opened the bag in his hand. ‘I asked God for gold and there it is.’

Ahmet smiled

‘How many gold bags are in the bag exactly?’ he asked. ‘You asked for one thousand, I think. Let’s count them.’

‘Why?’ asked Nahuel. ‘God can count, you know!’ But Ahmet didn’t listen. He began to count carefully. Then he said, ‘You can’t have this gold, Nahuel. There are nine hundred and ninety-nine coins here, not a thousand.’

‘Is that right?’ said Nahuel. ‘Then God knows about it, and one more coin is going to come later today. I’m sure of it.’

‘Listen, Nahuel,’ Ahmet said. ‘It’s my gold. I threw it over the wall and you must give it back.’

‘I can’t do that,’ answered Nahuel. ‘You don’t understand. God is working through you.’

Now Ahmet was angry. ‘I’m going to take you to court. I want my gold back!’

‘All right,’ said Nahuel. ‘Let’s speak to the judge about it. But I can’t go to court in these poor, dirty clothes. Can I wear your coat?’

Ahmet wanted to go to court at once because he wanted to get his gold back that day. So he gave his coat to Nahuel.

‘Now, let’s go,’ Ahmet said, and he walked out of the door. ‘Wait a minute,’ said Nahuel. ‘I’m an old man and the court is far from here. How can I walk there?’

Ahmet stopped. ‘It’s not far,’ he said angrily. ‘It is for me,’ answered Nahuel. ‘I have a bad leg.’

‘All right,’ said Ahmet. ‘You can have my horse for the day. Wait a minute.’

so Ahmet brought his horse for Nahuel to ride.

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‘Now we can go to court,’ said Ahmet. ‘You can ride the horse. I’m going to walk!’

‘Wife, watch my gold coins carefully,’ said Nahuel before he left. ‘Because sooner or later God is going to send me one more coin.’

Nahuel and Ahmet arrived at the court.

When the judge saw them he asked, ‘Why are you here?’

‘Because,’ answered Ahmet, ‘this man, Nahuel, has nine hundred and ninety-nine of my gold coins! He must give them back to me.’

‘Is this true?’ the judge asked Nahuel.

‘No, it isn’t,’ answered Nahuel. ‘This money came to me from God because I prayed for it.’

He went nearer to the judge and said quietly to him. ‘I’m sorry but this poor man, my neighbor, is mad. All of my things are his things, he thinks. Ask him about this coat.’

‘Is this your coat?’ the judge asked Ahmet.

‘Of course it is,’ answered Ahmet. ‘I gave it to Nahuel.’

‘You see!’ said Nahuel quietly to the judge. ‘Now, ask him about the horse.’

‘Is this your horse, too?’ asked the judge.

‘Yes, it is,’ answered Ahmet.

‘Poor man,’ said the judge. ‘You don’t need a court. You need a doctor. You must say sorry to Nahuel, and give him one gold coin – at once!’

Nahuel took the gold coin from Ahmet.

‘I thank God for this,’ he said happily. ‘Now I have the last of my thousand coins.’

Nahuel and Ahmet left the court and went home. Later, Nahuel gave back the coat, the horse, and the thousand gold coins to Ahmet.

‘These are your things,’ said Nahuel, and he smiled.

‘But remember, never come between God and man again.’

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