Here With The Classic Bite (Superfast Digest)

Well, I am one among many who will take steps to let my goals be known to those around me. Even if it means flashing it for a brief period of time so that people can have a quick look, and get the gist about where I’m going. 

Written by Adegbola Adeyemo. Successful living writer, owner at iceini doing business for long time. On all fours- ●commodities trading ●food & beverage distribution ●supply chain management ●other business services

Where are you going?

If you’ve asked yourself this question at some point in your life, you are not alone. As we open this blog post with long-lasting and ever-renewing vitality of mission and the challenges behind our lives necessary to propel it forward, we come to realise the overriding importance of hardship as a mechanism designed to eventually place us in a better position. In hindsight, we recognise the great task of any life-sustaining culture is to keep this inner mechanisms perceived as setbacks, and then adjust their functioning by modifying their components, enriching their fuel, greasing their connections, and improving the outlook.

Believe it or not, contributing setbacks serve as Launchpad ingredients. Setbacks neither hinder nor advance your main project. Rather they reshape it’s form, as if the mission and the machines itself were being reconstructed by the soul’s responses to the events of life.

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Gastronomical adventure

Recently, there has been panic here and there over the possibility of nature’s best superfood seeing the light of day. I came across this superfood while I was busy searching for physical products to sell on my website. Did you ever sign up for an affiliate marketing program or am I the only one?  I talk about the kind of affiliate marketing programs where the pros coach you through webinars, email drips and stuff like that.

Shortly after I signed up with the largest affiliate marketing community and training website on the internet known as Affilorama, my mind began to open up to a variety of things I could actually do with my blog to earn commissions. Do you agree it’s no use hiding your talents? If you are endowed with a certain gift, use it. For me, I like to write and i consider myself a natural born writer. When I’m writing, all the problems in the world tend to disappear. Absorbed in that moment by a power so overwhelmingly suggestive, I yield to the whispers, the inspiration, the presence calling me on. Arguably not the best writer around but definitely good enough for put pen on paper and let it flow.

What was I saying about Affilorama? Oh yeah…. as soon as I got the drift, I went looking for manufacturers who could help me achieve my physical product distribution goals through my blog/ personal website. I was virtually everywhere until I came across Glee.


In excitement, I went straight to work night and day doing advertising to test the market. After few weeks blogging, tweeting, facebooking, pinning Glee and instagramming it, a product reviewer got in touch for a taste of Glee raw energy bars. Click for verdict

Where are we now?

Some are heading to the shop in search of Glee raw bars but unable to purchase. This is exactly what it is[…] We tell it as it is. This is where we are at this moment in time. Good news is, no need to panic. Remain steadfast, Glee surely coming soon!

A game of bumshakalaka. Anyone?

Mmm… Here, let’s stay energised and bring happy moments with a game crafted with my pen to rock you until Glee’s landing. Because i am linked to the owner of Glee raw energy bars in some fashion, to have received a classic image [ball] about Glee is an intimate game of expectation and trust. 

I discovered all you have to do is:

  1. Handle: Pick up the ball that comes to you in the palm of your hands.
  2. Study: The ball gives you the means to learn about aspects of a soul which relates to you in a special way.
  3. Implement: You can make many future life decisions to be with certain people based upon this game.

Some may ask, ‘What if you don’t receive a ball from another player?’ Well, it happens quite often you don’t receive ball from different players – eventually a ball will roll into your lap. Got it?

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OK, what happens next in this game?

Each person hold their balls until someone says, “GO!” Then, we all gently keep it moving. During each series of play, a corresponding player will receive my ball if there’s a magnetic attraction.

What does receiving a ball from someone else mean?


Do you dribble? 

Knowing that anything can happen, players should maintain composure after repeated opposition attacks. The opposition often send rough tackles. This can be unsettling but they disappear after repeated exposure.

I realise some games could escalate into training exercises and souls who love to travel gravitate towards this activity. Many souls are lost at this point who don’t wish to continue  The souls like me, who refuse to quit because we love the work, must master the mental dimension.

Is this game about winning?

Yes. Players also need to remember: “Don’t be so goal-oriented’ and caught up in your own ego.”


Doorways of light

Did you know that NASA is developing tasty bars for future missions? So far, scientists have created a variety of flavors, including banana nut, orange cranberry, ginger vanilla and barbecue nut. Each bar is approximately 700 to 800 calories, thus ensuring the astronauts maintain a healthy weight as they eat the tasty snack.

I think this is a very big deal. Essentially, the scientist is acknowledging that space travel depends on topping up with energy bars for all round wellness of mind, body & soul. I believe a spiritual door has been opened to our immortality.