11 Winning Moves [For travellers, traders, polymaths & many more!]

11 winning moves for beginners to ascended masters who journey on a number of different planes towards transcendence has been published to explore the meaning behind your own spiritual memories.

Firstly, you need to remember that your soul progression is directly proportional to the intensity of light and love you let in. The magnitude of your perceptions depend on your vibrational level. It’s also useful to know that feeding on insight from masters of creation, thinkers, philosophers and truth seekers is a way to connect with, and energise your soul essence in pursuit of your life’s purpose.

Secondly, this write-up aims to shed light on misconceptions surrounding self-defense as an inherent behavioural response to survival  – to thrive under harsh conditions and adapt to changing environmental or planetary forces necessary for the wellness and triumph of the human spirit. It also delves a little deeper on how to protect your own, ways to rise far above all extraneous variables deemed as threats to your existence by sectioning destructive forces using 11 time tested moves. This winning moves were originally given to angels but has now been revealed to you for survival and reproduction sake.

As you read about the winning moves displayed by persons on a mission beyond empirically established facts, you will learn fascinating strategies about their combat prowess. You should also discover visible patterns deployed in defense of their journey and pilgrimage on Earth. Enjoy!

Back to the invisibles

The path journeyed is not necessarily straightforward. It’s often characterised by various twists and turns the soul may not be prepared or well equipped to deal with. Threads are momentarily tangled to test your resolve. A period of ‘limbo’ is encountered by those who have got some nerves.  Just so you know, limbo is a brief moment presented as an opportunity to do nothing. Encompassed by nothingness, the desire to act can be so overwhelming the individual is tempted to move in a direction opposite to intended path of travel. Remember, in nothingness, a fake path will seek for attention. One of the many ways to discern the path originally designed for your life at any crossroad is when you feel at peace with the image brought to you by the invisible – the light of your being. You know it when you see it. It doesn’t scream for attention. It is neither burdensome nor wretch. 

Travellers wake from numbness of long sleep when they refuse to be weighed down by fakes.

Ready to fly?

Listen up! Escape routes in the form of angels, teachers or guides, weapons and weaponry, new perspective or shifts in mindset, manuals, interactive games, news outlets and so on…are usually introduced along the journey to help the traveller navigate a safe passage [router], say from loading port through designated channels to destination port.

These routers are made manifest as a proverbial archetype reminiscent of ‘split second’ course correction for the traveller who at this point, is on the verge of throwing in the towel after all possible options to remain active have been exhausted. Does this ‘split second’ timing apply when confronted with possible extinction? [Natural selection] Into this essence, yes.

Trading places

Every exit is an entry somewhere else. The value gained in previously completed milestone equips the traveller with the resources needed for next task. Acquired value is tendered at the gateway of the next journey. This value proposition is used in creation centre as i know it… it is where the creators of new network shape light energy for certain functions.

*journey, milestone, and task have been used interchangeably*


Obstacles are common. It is part of the journey. Sometimes they appear to test your resolve and at other times they show up as an exercise routine to keep you fit. Even though some have argued that obstacles can become destructive forces if they are not logged as threat, I like to think they exist in order for your path to truly manifest itself.

Can you give me some idea of what obstacles are hindering your progress on Earth? 

Those who mastered the art of overcoming obstacles have done so using either one, combination, or all of the 11 moves listed below:

1. Lightning

This is where the war-god is seated. With thunder and lightning you can warn about a change in the fate of obstacles on your path. By using rock solid communication style based on personal revelation, those who waylay you face irreversible shock. The god who cannot bear to see his chosen ones suffer comes down to position alongside you even if it means breaking the ranks. In every location, lightning from cloud to ground can be used effectively to strike or terminate all foes.

Some may still fight because they cannot retreat, because of the thought of the wound, then the terror, writhed on the ground with the pain, and therefore unwilling to sink into the dust ingloriously. 

Feeling friendly towards their dogged determination which you can identify in yourself? Heap them a monument in ode to no retreat no surrender. 

Remember to pay your last respect so that the fire may swiftly take from Earth, the mournful sight of your defiant friend.

2. Ring toss

Next move on the list is Ring toss. This has long been pictured as a lonely way designed for truth seekers who turn to the ancient metaphysical tradition in an underworld of judges, courts, police and prostitutes. Met by an adversary? Respond through display of enlightenment by bottling your emotions up and shake off nagging feeling built over thousands of years of cultural conditioning. Bury the encounter with “celestial shell of compassion.” Your composure sends the tosser raging against you into oblivion.

3. Ice freeze

What do you know about sub zero? A formidable fighter possessing the innate ability to control ice in many forms. I know it seems odd to attempt something that anyone else would have thought insane and useless- to apply visual powers to a particular matter of interest and experience it go in direction of your desired outcome. You don’t want to turn up the heat using this move. Keep your cool and leave those who bother your firm resolve out of the equation. Never allow negativity impact your creative flow either. The aggressors finish themselves evaporating in no time.

4. Teleport

Teleport is used mostly by those who could predict the future by the flight of birds. You must be specifically chosen for this task otherwise you can land in a past or present where relayed information is out of sync with future timeline. This means during Teleport,  grasping communications becomes instantaneous and immediate between sender and receiver. Modes of interactions established within the twinkle of an eye so to speak. Being either sender or receiver is only a medium to express future timelines 


Anxiety is the enemy of teleporting. Let’s say, you receive a message to send a warning that those who cross your path in war are destined for disaster, you must relay this message instead of being consumed by inaction. Many happiness attend you for your willingness and obedience.

Better safe than sorry!

5. Spear

This is for those in it for the long haul. The Victor can create time to draw out weapons when the bravest of adversary is surging ahead in combat. The best way of all, is to get in battle through retreat. Hide from the scene by appearing to flee in utter confusion. At this moment, the bitter pain of your surrender will embolden your adversary to make preparations for your demise. With the last remnant of your strength, pour it up with a libation and say a prayer or two. Higher powers take pity of the humble heart over haughty looks. With a hand of God, draw the spear to end bitter tears of mourning. Take a shield if you must but its imperative to maintain a 10 over 10 focus on your target.

The finishing move is to release the spear aiming for the enemy’s belly in exquisite fashion. They won’t be able to stomach it.

6. Green bolt

You can do as you like when you are ahead of the competition. But down below, you should be mindful of the responsibility you carry on your back, so do not venture to try your arms on time wasting ventures. How unpleasant to be laid low by the very dogs you have reared mangling your flesh and lapping your blood? For it is dangerous to be condemned to loiter long on the uttermost rim of old age and to suffer intolerable grief.

Revert to primal forms of intelligence if you must. Show them your true color as a trail blazer. What’s the point hiding what nature bestowed upon you?  It’s important to send the message to your adversary, fulfilling your pledge to remain winning.


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7. Fireball

This move is what some travellers refer to as mad ball. Strengthen your vocal chord and express disdain through confrontation. When you reach a state of anger where you can be very angry but playing by esoteric rules of engagement, you are initiated into the mysteries of service at the holy altar. Remember to take a deep breath before voicing. What comes out of your mouth will be nothing short of dragon fire. Having a roast dinner afterwards is entirely up to you because trust me brethren, you’ll need to regain depleted energy.

Finish with thanksgiving!

8. Leg grab

Have pity on your foes and those who doubt your life’s purpose. They grab your leg to show remorse for their misguided conduct. Look at their submission as you would have someone else look on your tears.

Down at your feet, you are well positioned to take their weapons at your leisure. Before you do any finishing moves, remember that a frenemy today could be a lover tomorrow. 

Mercy please. 

9. Shadow kick

The best defense is an enemy who does not know you exist. Using your shadow to great effect is a ghostly craft which can be mastered with patience. In the 3rd dimensional reality, you remain a wanderer in the shadow. You are not wandering about because you are afraid to step on stage, but because you are expanding your skill base and possibilities. At a certain point, when you are ready to take on a role, opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you. When that happens, all of the skills you have accumulated will prove invaluable.

10. Ball breaker

Fishing with the rod, smooth sailing, managing a ship, and to recognize the stars and the constellations, to know the winds, and  what harbors are good has proven to be some of the greatest gifts bestowed upon mortals. This move is especially useful for merchants and music lovers. Try making melodies in your heart along with your favorite playlists while you focus on mapping a way out of turbulence.

For the record [Camdem down], this is the best move for calming your foes down. Those who plunder your grapes relentlessly to misrepresent its original taste need a dose of amplified misinformation. Give them wrong coordinates to keep them busy.

Voice your position only when your crew is ready to go live performance and the speakers well positioned for audience. The adversaries wont know what hit them until you appear on stage doing platinum-bound gig. In desperate pursuit to investigate your location and path of your travel, they will be like those who run helter skelter in search of a leftover karaoke machine.

11. Spin attack

This move works really well for individuals prepared to take a significant leap. At this crossing, your adversaries could turn up to do an irreversible damage. The onus is on you to gather as much data as possible because the enemy can pull the plug in a desperate attempt to dim your light. This is why its very important to learn more about your adversaries. Please do not display any sign of having enough information to thwart their orchestrated showdown. Here, the idea is to make them believe they are ahead of the game. Let them parade themselves as having an edge over you with respect to the bridge you’re about to cross. 

Help create the illusion he’s up there while you’re down. As soon as he gets comfortable in his position at the top, Finish him with a spin attack.

Congratulations for doing your course homework!

body of christ

Go gaga

There is one last move worth mentioning. Its a heist used for fast relief from helplessness while gaining sympathisers in the process.

It’s pretty simple.  Present yourself as a victim to your adversary. Make them appear right even when you know they are wrong. The goal here is to make the enemy appear as the real winner.

This is a deadly offense you can gear up in such a way that whatever or whoever stands in your way will beg you to soft pedal because the tale of Prometheus unbound will look like a joke compared to your acceleration to victimhood. To garner sympathy means your plight is seen as the innocent condemned. The avenger invariably punishes your crazy adversary for putting you through hell.

Trying to figure out what’s up? Your goal has already been accomplished with a helping hand. It is finished!


Please note: This 11 moves are for elite warriors ONLY! Peace makers making a difference

Don’t try this moves at home or on the streets. It’s for those who can remove obstacles just by a conscious thought along with voice command.

We don’t want anyone causing harm to another person saying they learnt this or that finishing moves from iceini blog.

Special acknowledgement to Google for quick time information readily made available. Very instrumental search engine for in-depth understanding of some words and phrases used in this blog.

If you have any other move that should be included or any suggestion for this blog post, drop comment below.

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