Copper Set To Climb Higher 

According to reports, copper has been sagging due to ongoing supply disruptions. Gold and silver meanwhile, have exploded faster overnight.

Your global commodity trade partner

LET’S set the ball rolling

The response to this call to action can be found in the promise copper cathode holds in global commodity trade and the possibility of renewed international cooperation, development, and huge ROI for stakeholders and traders alike.

Scarcely hadiceinidotcomread this masterpiece fromBloombergwhen we leaped up like a horse who has eaten his fill at the manger and breaks his tether impetuously.

2017-02-20 19.44GMT

By Bloomberg News

(Bloomberg) — Dr. Copper’s comeback is only just beginning. The metal often used as a barometer of global economic health will probably rally toward $7,000 a metric ton this year and surge past $8,000 before the end of the decade as demand tops supply, according to Citigroup Inc.

Citigroup Sees Copper Topping $8,000 as Deficits Will Endure.

“As the global economy departs from several years of stagnation, so too does the outlook for copper,”…

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