Art of War (The Great Pyramid Decoded)

Believe it or not, the source of all-life-giving-force is upheld by ‘war’ for the perpetuation of our species. Interestingly, the initial title of this blogpost was ‘Cross And Bow Symbolisms (Great Pyramid Decoded)’ before the author saw another perspective and changed the title to ‘Art of War (The Great Pyramid Decoded)’. Of these Two titles, in the event, tended towards the second, on the grounds that the intelligent reader is perfectly capable of deciding for himself what is relevant and ignoring what is not. Having done his own pruning, he can then judge for himself the elongation of insight gained.

Come to think of it, war isn’t only about taking up weapons to harm your fellows. It’s about the mystery of life itself. Since inception of civilizations, humans have recorded many planetary near death experiences. It is a distinct possibility, then, that the presentation of dynastic Egypt reveals a truth about the human experience. Their symbolic architecture represents the detailed forecast of the Messianic role enshrined in the Pyramids of Giza – and notably in the great Pyramid itself. For we find, in the account of all civilizations, that pivotal events for one reason or the other, leads us back to the Pyramid.

The age-old legend of the three kings bringing their symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the new born Messiah, and led by his star to Bethlehem, seems to represent nothing less than the survival, in anecdotal form, of an ancient tradition specifically linking the Pyramid with the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

The original great Pyramid formerly known as The Light; cast illumination on the logical development of the geometry of the great Pyramid revealing the Messianic Triangle as growing directly towards ascending tradition, of which it seems to represent the natural order of life and movement of planetary bodies. The three sides of the Messianic Triangle are direct functions of (a) Acceptance ‘way of the enlightened’ (hypotenuse), (b) the grand descent whose height signifies the attainment of enlightenment or truth (perpendicular), and (c) the Plane of Life or potential enlightenment (base).

According to Jesus’ own reported claim, ‘I am the way; I am the truth and I am life’ (John 14:6), could be seen as a direct reference to the Great Pyramid’s definition of himself in the Messianic Triangle. In view of these Triangular combined facts, using Marvel’s Thor as narrative, the author shares a timely knowledge about mysteries of life, death and rebirth- the great pyramid decoded- in its most simplistic form.


At the molecular level through the cells, there exist constant battles to keep degenerative diseases at arm’s length. When cells responsible for waging war known as antibodies prevail, the organism can go on living in sound health [nature]. Also the environment, which plays an interactive role, must be constantly pruned to bring about a healthy outcome for continuous perpetuation of the specie [nurture].

This account of nature and nurture is presented to illustrate, directly to the individual’s conscious awareness, the thriving of species on a physiological, psychological, and sociological bases. War for health and wellness won in the cells become victory for the entire body as a whole. Oh, yes. Whenever the etheric body recodifies the genetic essence, a new body is born. This is a good opportunity to wave goodbye to the old body as the setting sun shed its last glow.

It is also perhaps worth noting that cells, tissues, and organs are all closely linked – and are known to function as a combined whole. Meanwhile this interconnectedness is likewise seen in billions of humans reproductive state as either birth or still born. And the alternative, extinction. Suffice it to say the gradient of our socio-economic architecture is chapped and the base of our human culture lacks a formidable pedestal. It is here that the great Pyramid seems to have a vital role to play.  Ultimately, however, what will eventually do more than anything else to make humanity’s mind ripe for the Messianic Initiative is scientific ‘proof’ so that our interpretation of its symbolism will be validated and the truth of its message confirmed.

Consequently it is virtually certain that humanity’s destiny will be unmistakably revealed in all its breadth and splendour. Now it is a matter of fact that not everybody is willing to undergo complete uprooting and ‘launching into orbit’ and first of all it is necessary for people to be shown the way through:

I. Acceptance (The path of mission)

Flashing like the lightnings from horizon to horizon, the world is now being prepared. When that sign comes, it will be the final signal, hoisted upon the mountains, that the long awaited Messiah and the Great Initiate is at hand, and that the last great act in the present cycle of the human drama is about to begin.

Thor bow in acceptance. Image from Marvel

THE gift of foresight is a privilege presented to many but reserved for a few. Most of the suffering we face is a direct result of our negligence to the Messianic bow. Don’t you know that being fully functional is also to acknowledge your nothingness? Realise you are operating in the dark, blind to people’s motivation and intentions, vulnerable to the same mistakes and patterns that occurs in the tale of the king and queen of the east who dispatched their son to rescue from Egypt the pearl of great price guarded by the serpent; an emissary from the world of pure spirit, who rescued the precious jewel of man’s spirit from the terrestrial snakepit. Seeing your call for what it is brings a shift accompanied by an adjustment of your attitude.

New clarity about your perspective should be driven by a place in your heart for mission mastery. The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance. You are called to a life. Accept the life you are called to in love, humility, and courage. Any assignment that begins on the wrong foot will not only produce lame accounts, it will also lame your love of existence.


II. Come down (Reveal yourself)

Go down, the exact parents, family, neighbours and circumstances for beginning your life is already in place. Admitting yourself to be one among your people and a member of the family tree, including its twisted and rotten branches.

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Image by Marvel

On arrival, you are made aware the environment and mostly sociological nature reveals a dark side. We all have a dark side, a tendency to manipulate, and selfish desires. The most dangerous people are those who repress their desires or deny the existence of them, because there’s a high possibility of acting them out in the most underhanded ways. Some people have dark qualities deep at their core. Engage them by a process of diplomacy, patience, fortitude, compromise and if you cannot change such people, you must merely avoid becoming their victim.

The descent into the world may be painful and costly, costly, especially, to the family. The price of calling is often paid by the very circumstances in which the assignments has taken root – the body, the family, and immediate participants in the life of the calling, such as husbands and wives, children and friends, collaborators and mentors. Often the demands of the calling ruthlessly wreck havoc on the expectations of a ‘normal’ life.

So, how does one grow down into this world of “social evils”: fascism, racism, abandonment of children, injustice.
Like an Archer, growing down requires a laser sharp focus, mental equilibrium, and get down to business ‘release-the-arrow’ kind of attitude. Do not be anxious about targets because trial passages are presented as opportunities to keep it moving. There’s so much work to be done.

Click to see YouTube video of Thor’s action coming down 


III. Conquest (All the way up)

The drive to conquer has been a dominant factor in the development of human technology; in the entire universe, it seems to be the promised land, and its conquerors are drawn to it like a kid in a candy store. Newly emerging technology represent a redemptive possibility, since it is only through a massive increase in scientific knowledge that -it seems- humanity can hope to understand and accept intellectually the deep concepts which seem to underlie the Messianic ‘rescue-plan’.

What then is needed to permit this ultimate process to take place?  Clearly, you need to fit your own soul to the Messianic bow – a marriage highly reminiscent of Jesus’ constant bridegroom symbolism. The bride must prepare herself, and must make herself ready for the soon to-return bridegroom. Giving the world a glimpse of events to come, meticulously detailed craft into the inner workings of the grand design, and forms of manifestation. Being a rightful beacon for the light of your calling demands stamping of your essence with full-blown authority. Selah

Thor at work. Image by Marvel

Each time you face fierce resistance, deviations are not to be confused with reckless abandon. Remember a path of redemption presents itself and you’ve got to grab it with both hands. ‘Knead dough with one hand’ said no one ever. The decisive events along your path to regain enlightenment and rise above the deathly level to which you have sunk has the capacity to double your transformation, pursuing, even in the midst of hell, one of the upper paths to immortality.

We are twice armed if we fight with faith. Plato

It is great marvel how to start from the bottom and work your way up. Just so you know, The Plane of Life can sometimes be taken as physical (material) construct, reduced to a whole primitive expression by the uninitiated in desperate attempt to ram into the Messianic entrance. [Gate]

It sounds pretty simple, but as an observer of the human comedy, and by being as tolerant as possible, you gain better understanding and intervene in the most diabolical of plots when necessary.

With that being explained, which brings us back to the character at the core of this blogpost. We’ve delved into extraordinary facts about the great Pyramid’s symbol and pattern of travel to higher planes. We are also able to see intriguing links between Thor’s picture of man’s place in the universe and the Messianic call – acceptance, come down, work – which throws new light on astronomic passages, terrestrial influences and Co – creation.


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Did you enjoy this blogpost? Inspired by Three Thor pictures, it’s truly beautiful when the universe bring marvel your way to help you do a write-up. 

Having acquired a momentum which no human effort was able to arrest, Thor moved rapidly to see his task to successful and fruitful completion.

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