How to born your own style using 7 timeless techniques

Fate says, ‘Glance forward in time – see the future for what was, what is, and what is to come.’ Today, more people use computers than ever before in the history of the world. Its usage has increased enormously since the Second World War. Social media, Wiki, and even YouTube have made videos available to a wider range of the population than anyone could have guessed fifty years ago. Some have keyed in early, having recognised the role of technology, thought up some sort of plan, and immersed themselves using their talents which still enchants us today. And if you’re already wondering if you’re too late to the party, you are not alone.

Fear not, for this blog post is formulated to help you follow through that feeling of ‘I don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’. Or do you wanna miss out? Neither do I! We can defy the visible signs of contours trying to derail our dreams. Many, if not all, of creative innovation found in different parts of the world and at different periods of history seems rooted in mathematical fact rather than appearing to be an esoteric construct, even though the esoteric construction deserve support when delivered as [natural] phenomenon. Natural because those involved in delivering the innovative solutions are bound in esoteric essence. Remember the famous quote by Michelangelo?

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Hahaha…light it up buddy, because the physical movement involved in banging your creation into shape is as important as the noise produced.

Social and aesthetic accessibility: You certainly have all the tools you need. So, press play and drive your ideas with quality leads. A choice that changes everything for the future grabs your attention when you understand what matters most.

How to born your own style using 7 timeless techniques has been presented by the author to provide instantaneous insight on how ideas flower. It’s a known secret however, that distinctive individuals have underlying traits at their core which enables them to set and achieve goals.

The technique to born your own style is expressed in two main strategies (1) physical movement which changes the intensity and positional relationships of events in the perceptual field, and (2) vocalization or other production (including music) which introduces a controllable and dominating element into an otherwise ‘uncontrolled’ environment.  The author admits that this hypothesis lacks experimental confirmation, but it chimes well with the idea that those who are especially threatened by disorder are those mostly strongly motivated to discover order.

Here, in this moment, focus on the 7 techniques the author is about to share quietly with you. Today, get high insight through deep mental focus. No distractions, just plug-in to discover 7 timeless techniques, techniques that will make us participate actively in the working of a mind that orders, gives life, and creates.

Are You Ready?


1. Emergence

Do you believe no one sees what you see? Fantastic! Here’s confirmation the situation is uniquely yours. Move and device ways to improve your perceptual field. Once you gain sufficient insight into attainable heights, crescendo.

Make gradual descent into what you want accomplished. Dedicate your life to it and stop giving your time to what you don’t want. Think of it this way: the process of germination resembles the practice of husbandry. In nursery, the goal is to find ways to tender seeds while keeping weeds at bay.

The creative breakthrough is connect with the core of your being to give your concept shape, narrowing down its possibilities, and channeling your energies into ideas that grow more and more distinct. Once some pictures begin to emerge in your state of heightened focus, even if you’ve only managed to catch the slightest glimpse, follow up with affirmations as the process begins to become more conscious and less intuitive.

Practical guide: Get a journal to record your thoughts especially dreams. There are ideas lying within your consciousness which are difficult to access either due to noisy environment, or ideas suppressed deep in your unconscious due to many generations of cultural conditioning. Pay attention to your dreams and conscious thought process as often as possible, then draw an action plan on how to achieve your goals. Perhaps what you want to invent or discover is being ignored or ridiculed by others, focus on bringing it to fruition.

2. Assets Control

The flow of information is vital so what we learn become transformed into creative energy, a form of gold.  If we stay on the path of doubt out of fear or insecurity, we can become miserable and unfulfilled. The key, here, is to transform insight into real value, clarify those values, and pursue with indomitable tenacity of spirit. A person’s refusal to take no for an answer means engaging with their dreams and aspirations are on a deeper level.

Having asset sounds good when you’re able to hold it together. Depending on the gravity of your assets, any decimation in real-time value poses as temporary setback, an elevator for future gains.  To manage your assets to great effect is also to figure how to master a comeback. The author will shed more light on gravity at a later date.

Remember SWV the trio from New York City, New York? They are one of the best selling girl groups of all time simply because they know how to control their assets. Even after a division, their career span three decades. They are typical example of controller.

Practical guide: In this respect, aim for prudent, fertile, flexible goals consistent with your values. Display assets by forging past competitors to surpass them in brilliance and production; last established patterns of brilliance open from within. Hold your assets for as long as necessary, create value through scarcity, beat it and release when demand peaks. Unlock the power within you to discover the secret of immaculate conception.

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3. Keep Grounded

Although we find ourselves in a historical moment rich in possibility for going PRO, in the past, only elites who control access to information and knowledge or those with an almost superhuman amount of energy and time could pursue a career of their choice and become PRO. Millions of people who were not part of the right social class, gender, and ethnic group were rigidly excluded from the possibility of pursuing their calling. Now, access to information is made readily available via the internet. Networking through social media, crowdfunding, shared workspace, etc… have produced more successful entrepreneurs within 10 years timeframe, the highest in all recorded history. Wow!

Feeling motivated and energised, we can achieve almost anything. Feeling bored and restless, our minds switch off and we become increasingly passive. This is where the hard work comes in. To succeed in this stage, you will need help and enlarge your concept of work itself.  Your products and services (assets) is deeply connected to who you are, not a separate compartment in your life. You develop then a sense of your vocation if what you do is a reflection of your true self.

Practical guide: Share. It’s as simple as ABC. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. When you help many people succeed you will succeed too.  You‘ll do well to remember there’s seed time and harvest time. In our culture, we tend to equate money and material accumulation with wealth. Success and achievement is not about money. Paper is by-product of tree-  a symbol of success only through the value attached to it.

4. Follow Your Star

Bright lights illuminate entire landscape to reveal whatever is hidden. From shadow formations through discovery under the radar and clarity of function, creative works eventually emerge as a matter of calibration and intensity. From the brightest to the least, to be visible is to be seen. And using shadow to orchestrate musical effect is the best and greatest of all art form. The shadow becomes a backdrop through which their performance parade its brilliance.

To follow your star also means to understand how different aspects of positioning works. Exact speeds, velocity and how to project various elements of the creative process. The key is to learn how to maintain anonymous pattern of all original instruments – a quick reading here and there- while maintaining a feel for one’s overall position in the cloud. Once this level has been achieved, losing situational awareness could prove fatal.

For cloud secure, realise how quickly the hater approaches, and jettison for greater pace and manoeuvrability. This work phase is where most people get harsh on themselves when haters get a read on them with their radar. Their evasiveness is a snap insight on how black hole suck star even supernovas. Visualized in its entirety, you get feedback on how far your star has come. Like they say, “The size of your enemy determines the size of your reward.”

During peak performance, don’t allow yourself to feel any guilty when it’s time for you to assert yourself. Instead, you should feel resentful and even angry about someone’s desire to dim your light, using such emotions to help you leave the person. If your dream is to dream the impossible dream, You gotta reach for your star no matter how far!

Practical guide: The possibility of shining bright like a diamond in any field seems like an impossible dream. The obstacle is always enormous. To find your way, intuit your natural talents, focus on your strengths- and lean on them with all of your energy. Moving with your strength gives you both desire and resiliency to put up with all of the doubters, all those who see you as strange and different, those who say your ideas won’t fly

Remember, if you are with other stars in an intricately coordinated team, learn how to fly in formation.

5. Stay Fly

Staying fly expends energy but its benefits are enormous. Your fly duration depends on your astrological intervals. The writer will delve into the topic of astrological intervals on subsequent post. For now, let’s focus on being in sync to discover the deepest secrets of nature, gain the power to create something out of nothing and create dust into gold.

What constitutes true creativity is the openness and adaptability of our spirit. We do not hold on to our original idea out of sheer stubbornness, or because our ego is tied up with its rightness. Instead, we move with what emerges from an elevated position, exploring and exploiting different branches and contingencies. We thus manage to turn feathers into flying material.

To get bird’s eye view of your terrain, How-to-branding will help you with the resources you can use to keep your business fly, giving customers and prospects a compelling reason to choose your brand. How we look at the world and the fluidity with which we can reframe what we see is so important to our brand/ image.

Practical guide: Allow for serendipity. Let go of conscious control and allow chance to enter into the process. Was it Toni Morrison who said, “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down”? The reason for this is simple. When we are working on a project, we tend to immerse ourselves so much that we forget to have fun. To aid in this process, it is often wise to choose something that appeals to your sense of unconventionality and calls up latent feelings of rebelliousness.

6. Shop For Quality, Not Price

Your product is a reflection of You and the pricing should be refreshingly straightforward when you deliver branding and packaging that delivered the same and improved impact as the formula.

If we have to sell something, we get the true picture when we are able to put ourselves in customer’s shoes. This is the primary law of the creative dynamic that we must engrave deeply in our mind and never forget: our emotional commitment to what we are doing will be translated directly into our work. If you go to work half heartedly, it will show in your products. If you are doing something primarily for money and without a real emotional commitment, it will translate into something that lacks soul and that has no connection to you.

To buy, going PRO doesn’t mean you’re stuck up or living beyond your means. If you have to buy, buy the very best you can afford. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. What we all need to learn is the art of quality shopping. If you are excited and obsessive in the hunt, it will show in the details. Its aesthetic, authenticity, durability, longevity will be communicated. In general, people compare alternatives before proceeding, taking advantage of the associative powers of the mind.

Let’s take the internet of the future to be powered by light for example. The fact of the matter is LiFi is set to dominate and some will disagree. Even though its clear to see this improvement to WiFi, some people’s back will be turned against its glow.

Practical guide: Everyone have the right to exist in accordance with the character he has, whatever it turns out to be: and all we should try to do is make use of this character in such a way as its kind of nature permits, rather than to hope for any alteration in it, or to condemn it offhand for what it is. If you’re going to succeed in what you do, even though you accept only the very best because second best is not for you, the wisest thing you can do is to resolve to make use of those whom you cannot alter.

7. Are You Aware of All The Possible Benefits?

Packages that are structured to give clients the best value for money don’t necessarily have to have alternatives. Grandmaster designs ensure creative monopolies enabling exclusivity/ exclusive rights.

In many ways, it is emotional intelligence application skills that separates those who master a field from the many who simply work at a job. Our levels of passion, patience, persistence, and confidence play a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. Masters of design beat their creation into shape to produce results for intended path of travel.

Those who master their creative prowess are like ascended masters who know when it’s time to launch, control their assets, keep it real being humble, follow the light, stay fly, and shop for bestest.

Practical guide: In essence, what you are doing is creating some space in a cluttered culture, claiming for yourself an open field in which you can finally sow something new. People are dying for the new, for what expresses the spirit of the time in an original way. By creating something new, you will not only create your own audience plus your own master key to superstar design, be rest assured you will also attain the ultimate position of power in culture.

There’s one thing to keep in mind: Your eye is on the future not the past.


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