13 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Promote Your Blog Posts

Written by: Vitaliy Dubinin 

Passionate home business entrepreneur, online mentor, dad and speaker living in Israel with his wife & 2 kids, My Lead System Pro team contributor, Daily show host, successful living writer

So you have published an awesome and valuable blog post but would you just hope and pray someone will see it? Of course not because people will not going to magically go to your blog if you don’t promote it properly. As much as you focus on creating great content, you should focus even more on putting it in front of as many people as possible.

You can leverage social media and drive thousands of free visitors to your blog and you can even automate a lot of the processes. In this post I’ll share with you exactly how I promote my blog posts on social media and how you can too.

1. Send an Email to Your List

Your #1 asset online is your list of email subscribers and they want to learn from you how they can solve their problems and get what they want. Your blog posts are a great way to provide value and build trust, authority and goodwill with your email subscribers.

That’s how you nurture the relationships with the people on your list, you are adding value and you are actually teaching people and marketing is all about educating people. You are branding yourself and keep getting people back to your world. You’re not there just to send offers all the time. That’s why MLSP created the MLSP Sites platform to help you set up your blog and brand YOU.

So just create excitement in your email, what’s in it for them, why they should go right now and read your blog post.

Write a short and punchy email, you can add an image of you speaking if it’s a video blog it can help with more clicks.

2. Post it on Twitter and Automate the Process

In every blog post you should have a FEATURED IMAGE. With this image you are going to post on every social media platform. So with Twitter there are a couple of options.

You can head over twitter and tweet about your post. You can use one of the social media sharing plugins and tweet from there. This will allow other people to share your blog too on their social media accounts.

What I do is I go to “TWEET JUKEBOX” and I add my blog post tweet with an image to a list of all my blog posts and tweet from there. This way all of my blog posts are recycled every week or so to my new followers and you can tweet about your new blog post automatically every certain period of time, it’s powerful.

I use this tool to also automate all the other forms of tweets on Twitter, like image quotes for example, I’ll talk about it below how to leverage image quotes to drive traffic to your blog.

3. Post It on Instagram

I recommend that you create a separate featured image with the title and post it on Instagram. You can also create a template that each time you promote your blog post on social media the image will look similar.

I personally use “OnlyPult” to post it from my computer and I also use it to schedule my image posts on Instagram in advance.

In your bio and in your images you can include your blog URL to drive traffic to your blog.

4. Post It On Your Facebook Fan Page

If your blog post has your video in it, then you can create 2 separate posts on Facebook. In one post you will just use the featured image of your blog post and drive people back to your blog, and later on schedule another post where you UPLOAD THE VIDEO to Facebook and link it back to your blog post for full details.

You can also do a little short video if you want under a minute telling people that your new blog post is available, what’s in it for them and why they should go and read it.

You can use “POSTPLANNER” to schedule your posts on Facebook to your fan page and to your personal profile in advance.

5. Post It On Your Personal Facebook Timeline

You can also tell a little story and direct people back to your blog post for your friends and followers to see. Like with the fan page, you can upload the video and include a link to your blog post, or you can send people directly to your blog post.

I recommend that you upload the featured image separately on your profile, instead of letting Facebook populate the image with the link to your blog embedded. The reason is Facebook doesn’t like when people leave it to another website so they will show your blog post to less people.

But when you upload just an image and put your link in the description of it, they will show it to more people.

6. Post It On YouTube

I recommend that when you create a blog post you also record yourself on video and teach as it’ll increase engagement, your brand, the amount of time people stay on your site and how fast you build trust with your followers. It’ll also help you with SEO ranking.

So upload the video to YouTube and link it back to your blog in your description.

You can also use “CARDS” when you edit your videos to direct people back to your blog in any point in video. You can connect your blog to your YouTube channel.

You can use “IFTTT” site “If This Then That” so each time you upload a video on YouTube, it’ll be posted on many difference social media sites.

7. Post It On Pinterest

Pinterest is another big social media platform, so create a board for your blog posts and pin it to it.

8. Post It On Facebook Groups

There are thousands of Facebook groups in the home business niche and in any industry. What you can do is post your blog to those Facebook groups or share your video that you uploaded on your Fan Page to those Facebook groups and link back to your blog.

You can do it manually yourself, you can outsource it to somebody to do it for you, and you can use software to do it for you. Now if you are going to be using any software you need to be very careful and not go over the Facebook terms and conditions, in other words don’t abuse it and post every 5 minutes, but if you post every hour it’s good.

You can have a list of all of your blog posts and videos and recycle them again and again in different Facebook groups for free traffic.

9. Post In Different Blog Syndication Facebook Groups

There are dedicated groups where people help each other and comment and share each other blog posts on social media to create more engagement. If you have no comments on your blog, it doesn’t look so good.

I post to at least 6 different groups like that you can easily find out what they are and get accepted.

10. Post In Different Google Plus Groups

Just like with Facebook groups there are plenty of Google Plus groups that you can post in your niche. Again you can outsource this very cheaply.

11. Create Press Release on IboToolbox

This is a site with a lot of traffic where most of the people are in the home business niche, and it’s called “IBOTOOLBOX”. You can create a press release and copy word for word pretty much your blog post and say that’s not authentic original content and share the link of your blog from where you copied it. It’s a good quality source of traffic.

12. Add a Project To ViralContentBuzz

This is a platform where other people can share your blog posts on their social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest and they have an incentive to do so. You can use this platform for free or pay a small fee for your promotions.

13. Create Inspiring Images With Your Blog URL In Them and Post On Social Media

I saved the best for last 🙂 You can go and create images with your quotes or other famous people’s quotes, personal development and inspiration quotes etc, and have your URL in them.

Then you can recycle and automate your images that you post on Twitter using the “TweetJukeBox” or other tools, you can schedule them to post on Facebook and Instagram with the tools I’ve shared. You can repost the same images from time to time once a month with the same quotes and maybe just change the image background.

You don’t have to create all of your images, you can outsource the image creation to someone on “UpWork” for example and you can do it for as little as $0.5 – $1 per image to save yourself time.

There are many more ways of course to promote your blog posts, but it’s a good list to start. You can do for example some paid Facebook advertising to your blog posts.

Most importantly is that you will provide QUALITY content and do your best, and be CONSISTENT at it. Consistency is what creates the momentum.

I hope that you enjoyed it and now you have more clarity on how you can promote your blog posts so that more people will actually read it.

Remember it doesn’t matter how great your blog post is if no one is seeing it!

The media could not be played? head to Twitter for full view.

Creative Strategies: It would be wise to adapt all of them at some point, stretching and loosening the mind in all directions.

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