Bear the pain of bully in 2 easy steps (for Startups, traders, & many more!)  


Events on any screen can be moved forward or backward. They can be placed into fast or slow motion or suspended for study. Yet in our world, it remains unclear how events in our physical world returns to what it was from the perspective of the soul who took part in the original event.

Let’s be clear here, those devoted to mastery in any chosen field go through stages of self-enlightenment which includes enduring instructions in learning. Yet large segments of human society are unable to bear nagging feeling of discomfort, or intermingle with their comfortable positions. Our culture is towards ascending or descending tradition, up and down archetypes where “down” in its most common usage, is nothing but a downer. Over a period of time, we started seeing down as decrease and up as growth. Here is a pertinent question: Why is growth so inexorably caught in ascensionist fantasy?

Until we recognize the legitimacy of growing down, each person struggles blindly to make sense of the darkening and despairing that the soul requires to deepen into life. Maybe “down” will be hell with torture from the forces of darkness or something unpleasant, humans leave the place of energy rejuvenation simply due to inability to identify core halo.

It is my hope that what I have to say in this post will bring peace of mind to people inclined to be fearful about the possibility of growing down from deep within. On the other hand, there will be those who favour going down as opportunity to cleanse and strengthen aura vibrations.

Here, visualise a tree upside-down. Let us imagine a growing tree which has its root from heaven taking a gradual descent downward towards human affairs. In the Jewish and also the Christian mystical tradition, the tree was taken as the symbol for human life in the Kabbalah. The Kabbalist tree, as first elaborated in 13th century Spain imagines descending branches to be conditions of the soul’s life which becomes more and more visible as it descends.

The Zohar, the main Kabbalist book, explains the descent of man as tough; the soul is reluctant to come down and get messed up by the world. A person’s involvement with the world gives evidence of the descent of the spirit. Core mystical principles unequivocally admit virtue would consist in downwardness such as charity, humility, teaching, and not being “stuck up.”

Those devoted solely to uninhibited pleasure in life while paying little attention to the plight of others might not be happy reading this 2 easy steps on how to bear the pain of bully. Neither will those who are opposed to authority of any kind, moral or otherwise find this kind of post enjoyable.

Here, the writer wishes to allow for more rational thinking by sending waves of positive energy to the right people.

1st Step: No real contact required – just mental attunement

You are an observer moving as unseen ghosts through scenes with no influence on events. You can see this as working with VR Virtual Reality

Here the goal is to get stimulated knowing every action has cause and effect relationship. If all indication point towards OH LOOK AT ME NOW I’VE GONE VIRAL at first glance, signal your position opposite trend. Let the scene unfold as a play where you are the smallest kid in a yard [room] and you are being punched by You. This is incredible! After a while, you are you again, being pelted by rocks from everyone else. OW THIS REALLY HURTS! What a great moment to hug a teddy.

On the flip side, you can feel what others experience when you bully.

Now, tell me – what you are going to do with this knowledge?

iceini bull

2nd Step: Participate in real live

Picture yourself as a participant where you take roles in the action of the scene, even to the extent of altering reality from the original by re-creations.

After studying your scripts, the instruction becomes more intense as you demonstrate you can handle assignments. Being groomed to bear all bully implications is by default. Advanced training comes with advanced assignment. So your intensity, alertness and self-containment always matches difficulty level in hand.

We welcome active participants in our soul’s journey with open arms. Dream Masters, Architects, Redeemers of Lost Souls, Incubator Mothers, Animal Caretakers, Keepers of Neutrality, Restoration Masters, Time masters, Musical Directors, Explorers, Archivists, and Gamekeepers all have their role to play at various stages of more serious aspects of an initiate’s planetary training. The stage is deliberately stirred up for us. We are supposed to smooth it out.

After individual performance, transfer your proceeds for a brighter world. Even though the outcome of one’s performance in a play may range from very satisfactory to acceptable to unsatisfactory, spectators feedback can help you balance vibrational disharmony.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog post, enlightenment is not limited to instruction learning. Besides all the stages of enlightenment, energy manipulation is a major part of planetary training.

Bring your favourite comics to work because unlimited access to energy is made readily available every time you tune in to your child spirit.

Remember, No real contact required- Just mental attunement and Participation in real live environment. Apply above 2 steps for staying power. 


Foot note:

Did you find yourself drumming for rock metals band but you’re there doing kum ba ya and wonder why everyone is asleep? So, move your hands to accelerate the beat.

Wiki How To Play Drums

Just so you know, some have reported that core halo first appeared hellish. This is why it’s very important to get good instructions and sound education. Sound education in the art of seeing.

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