3 ways to deal with newbies and get greatest result (For beauty, crypto & wellness bloggers)

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And so it begins…to address individual fate in a world where the brightest newbies are stifled because of generalisation founded on archaic ideologues. Those who don’t recognize the importance of healthy parental guidance do not admit that we each have our own makeup, that each of us is definitely, even defiantly, a unique individual. This post also refuses to leave to the lab of human research that sense of individuality at the core of “me.” Nor will it accept that my strange and precious life is the result of statistical chance. It kicks the question right out of the lab where the human genius is reduced to two contesting dogmas, barking at each other through the ages and which western thought often keep as pets. As the drama is played out in arguments over paradigm shifts, newbies continue to excite, call, demand – but rarely offer full account of itself to prying eyes.

Before we delve deep into the newbie paradigm, let’s go back again to the modern world’s own set of twins, Nature and Nurture aka Environment – a recurrent theme of our western psyche, shown at the theatre of self aggrandizement where a backdrop of child neglect upon which it parades its brilliance swiftly unfolds.  The portrayal of your identity will continue to be that of a sociological consumer determined by random statistics, and the unacknowledged genius urgings displayed as eccentricities, compacted with angry resentments and overwhelming longings if you don’t tailor your life consciously and do the whoop thing to that voice saying ‘you haven’t got what it takes to lead an extraordinary life.’ Ya dig?

Updated 28/09/2021 This passion needs some explaining 😝

3 ways to deal with newbies and get greatest result is presented below so you too can benefit from best ideas shaping new civilizations, release your creative flow, shed negative thinking patterns and put an abrupt end to psychological malaise such as childhood trauma. We should never be afraid to dump foods lacking flavour and select the best nutrients for the future. The enigmatic call of genius is not hollow. They have merely been starved and need nourishing. According to W. H. Auden, the so-called traumatic experience is not an accident, but the opportunity for which the child has been patiently waiting – had it not occurred, it would have found another, equally trivial – in order to find a necessity and direction for its existence, in order that its life may become a serious matter.

We must find the common sense to realise that accidents, including the heartache and the natural shocks humans are exposed to, belong to the pattern of this enigma, are necessary to it, and help fulfil it. If you have struggled at any moment to find meaning to various events outside your control, and having looked back, then realised the events were necessary to shape your path, you are not alone. Over the centuries, many scholars have rubbed minds on best possible conditions and/ or combination of conditions that bring about the greatest development in early stages of an idea.  Although the inner state of a newbie may be joyous, sweet, and nourishing, the newbie is also bitter. It is astringent and tannic, empurpled with rage because it cannot do what it imagines.

The current wave of crypto naming ceremonies sweeping the economic landscape proves to be another test to overcome habitual living patterns. Our modern psyche is so cynical, genius ideas have to form themselves into warped shapes in order to come through. Since the formative years prove most vital to the growth of a person or idea, it seems wiser to attend to it than to avoid it by searching for its source. It’s here innovation serve as bridges, submitting its imagination to permit the appearance of genius. To this end, the author penned this to hammer home the message. Accessible and written in plain language, 3 ways to deal with newbies in order to get greatest result offers a liberating vision of genius ideas and an exciting approach to themes such as beauty, childhood, cryptocurrency, and wellness. Are you ready?


1. Embrace nature of things

Mostly, if not all, newborn come headfirst into the world. In Yoruba folklore, even though the story has been rebuffed by some as mere superstition, a feetfirst (Breech position) baby is said to be messenger of the gods who in a race against time, can’t wait to hit the ground running. Next steps alignment with their life’s mission becomes an overriding passion through which they gain satisfaction and justification for existence.

Newbies come into life with their own daemon [genius]. The natural environment through which life is sustained remains a mystery. The development of the newborn means they need support while they find their feet (or should that be wings?) What initiates a motion is a chain of supposedly linked events from the womb, each presumed to have been initiated by the one preceding. Even if all links are actually connected, healthy family relationship is not an accurate predictor of future success. Since the right parents were chosen for the life to take root, chosen by the child’s guardians upon birth, what is needed has already been bestowed on the life.

Even though above notion encapsulated as ‘child self-sufficiency’ has not been taken to the lab for scientific validity, it is not to be abused or psychologically dependent on as reliable defense mechanism construct for parental neglect. Nature wants to lift the pall of victim mentality from which individual people cannot recover until the perceptual paradigms that give rise to the victim mentality have been seen through and set aside. When you read 12 ways you are unconsciously lowering your own vibrations, it will completely revolutionize your victim mentality. You are not defined by the circumstances of your birth. You are not defined by what you had or what you did not have. Look, you suffered a family breakdown? Heartbreaking! You were an orphan? Unfortunate! Grew within a loving family? Congrats! Oh, you had everything going well for you since your first suckle? Superb!

Whatever happened in childhood belongs to your destiny and it is exactly what your daemon required to grow down into human affairs. So, embrace the sociological conditions which shaped your formative years, and see the ‘bad seed’ contained in your story for what it truly is – the moral principles of right vs wrong – is not sufficient to account for, or engage, and therefore we should ignore, the sense of judging so self-sanctimoniously belonging to the moralist. The Roman genius was not a moralist. It “knew everything about the individual’s future and controlled its fate,” yet “this deity held no moral sanction over the individual; he was merely an agent of personal luck or fortune.

Welcoming nature of things, In Rome, in West Africa, in Haiti you could well ask your ‘angel’, ‘daimon’, ‘genius’, ‘spirit’ (or whatever it might be called) to harm enemies, spoil their luck, or aid in manipulations and seductions. The “evil” aspect of the child’s nature can be used to great effect when parental capacity for accommodating the child is superior to the possible catastrophe introduced by the child’s song of fire and ice for example.

2. Nurture relationship of things

You have invested your energy, resources, time…and things have started to boom! You look at the ‘helpless’ newbie in front of you as things pop up in the recess of your mind. Firstly, you know you have been entrusted to care for and protect the creative bundle you are privy to. Did you start to imagine yourself as the centre of your own universe? Then you are the very hub. The next circle around you is your lover, your partner, this is your closest, most intimate relationship.

Lest we forget, children will someday go from helpless babies to mature adults who have sex and drink beer while your back is turned. The secret is to try and keep pace with them. As they grow, you have to back off more and let them do more. You have to resist the urge to do everything for them. This is easier said than done but when you start putting these ideas into practice, the results can be truly life-changing. Even though we expect newbies to do everything right first time, it is our expectations that are unrealistic. Growing up is a messy business.

Take a quick look at The Newbies Guide to Social Media and gain access to top notch entrepreneurial delicacies. It is very tantalizing, not only for those who are trying to find their feet in the inevitable world of social media, but also for those who want to know how traditional marketing methods get the flick in place of hi-tech strategies that produce overwhelming response and higher profits.

Being in a relationship is a tremendous responsibility. Share your knowledge, be responsive, pleasant and sociable. You have to be loyal, honest (but not too honest). You have to be forgiving at times, be prepared to offer help, support and sympathy. At the same time you don’t want to be taken advantage of nor have the wool pulled over your eyes. And you have to be brutally candid at times and be prepared to risk the relationship by being so. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to the opportunist whose only ambition is to take advantage through association, without due regard for the principles shaping your techniques.

If we want our relationships to be successful, then we do need to give those relationships some thought – a conscious approach rather than sailing on asleep at the wheel like most people. By consciously being aware of what we are doing we can improve those relationships, iron out the problems, encourage others and generally spread a bit of warmth and happiness as we go. What could be finer?

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3. Art mystery of things

Consider this event, ‘Amateur Night at the Harlem Opera House’ adapted from the publication of James Hillman.

Amateur Night at the Harlem Opera House

A skinny, awkward sixteen-year-old goes fearfully on stage. She is announced to the audience: “The next contestant is a young lady named Ella Fitzgerald… Miss Fitzgerald here is gonna dance for us… Hold it, hold it. Now Fitzgerald has changed her mind. She’s not gonna dance, she’s gonna sing…”

Was it chance that suddenly changed her mind? Did a ‘let it flow’ power take over like an annunciation? Or might that moment have been a singing gene suddenly kicking in?

Such is the oddity a genius can force upon its keeper. Ella Fitzgerald gave three encores and won first prize. However, “she had meant to dance.”


Congratulations newbies and crypto fans worldwide.  You’re all beautiful.  Remember to keep the creative juices flowing…  Stay well and prepared, stay young and have fun. 

Got a story worth sharing about child care, wellness, parental guidance? Feel free to comment. If you decide to submit your story to iceini@gmail.com please make sure it’s at least 400 words. We can publish your story if we believe our readers will find it enjoyable.

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