A glimpse at 10 essential ingredients to boost your start-up (Wellness secret in a flash)

FLASH – Today, a personal code for improving your business health is wrapped in 10 simple results-oriented wellness ‘ingredients‘ so you too can live a better, happier, more successful kind of life. There’s nothing here you don’t already know. These ingredients are not some revelation like 10 commandments handed to Moses before he descended from Mount Sinai, it’s a reminder. It reminds you that healthy ingredients are universal, obvious, simple. It’s about lightening up, being bold when it counts, having fun, enjoying life. In fact, you may be wondering why these 10 ingredients are so vital to your business. Well, it works. Go for it and see what happens.


Let’s begin with the light books bring to the mind. Firstly, take an interest in books to develop you – your startup; your business. Even though the effect of books varies from person to person, it is vitally important to have them and read them. It is perhaps the most important tool used to nurture dimensional thinking. Secondly, books broadens your mind, takes the shackles off your thinking, improves innovative solutions, and it is this innovation which nurtures creative thinking.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon. Knowing is only half the battle. The other half is being prepared to take action.

Quickly lay hold on the ten books recommended by Bill Gates before they disappear


The happiest, most well-balanced, most successful people in life are those who are part of something. Part of the world, not cut off from it. As soon as you get the grasp of being part of a community, send invites. You’ll do well to keep invites clean and tidy before sharing. As a general rule of thumb for spam, not every invitee will accept your incoming and you shouldn’t be sending to everyone to start with. Always remember, It’s different blocks for different folks.

Work flows like a revolving machine each time you play your part. Keep momentum going so you can equip serious communities dying to dance to your music of things.

Work group consumer goods
Hashtag Biz: One-click-signup


You have a duty to be kind, thoughtful and co-operative with your body. If your body is fit, you get more done with ease and your mind will follow suit. Until you stretch yourself to breaking point, you never know your real elastic limit. Before jumping in to quests, test the waters for feedback. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be all the very best the startup life requires.

Hey, there is plenty of field in all our lives where we aren’t very efficient or skilled or even enthusiastic. So, the fact you received no help isn’t an excuse to quit. To be brutally frank, if you must proceed knackered, do it. You can rise above your shortcomings.

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Feed your biz with super nutrients. Nourish your ideas with the best available environmentally friendly ingredients in the marketplace. Nursing your startup with this essential ingredient isn’t only about emergence of a business fit for purpose, it’s also about integrity. So, dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Not everyone can be as organic and as green as we would have them be. If we all manage to achieve a reduction it helps. If we are all living consciously it helps. If we all get the buzz about the importance of safeguarding our planet it helps.


Hobby is something you enjoy doing even when you are not getting paid for it. Getting paid is only an added bonus. And deservedly so. The difference between a career and a hobby is you follow money to career; money follows after your hobby. Whatever you enjoy doing without getting paid gives satisfaction money can’t buy. First of all, pursuit of talent enables joyful delivery. Be clear about your role in the game and never say no when you can say ‘maybe’ to economically viable options. The bottom line is dividend. Got offers for high yield portfolio? Just say yes.

Hobbies may conflict but there are frequently identical and/or mutually compatible hobbies as well.


If you are not one of the lucky ones who have their mentors search for them like a parent would for a missing child, reach out to a mentor and connect as a protege to those whose values or interest align with yours. Simple example, you love Snow Patrol and they love Snow Patrol? Oh my goodness mehn 😂😎Seriously, one could tell from a person’s profile what they’re like, their characters and what makes them You. Once spotted, best gift yourself to gain in a single-click, what someone else has taken many years to achieve. Follow

No follow because mentor don’t look close enough to your preconceived image? The difference between us is so very little when you wipe away the veneer we all wear.


Belief in God, the soul and the future life transcends third dimensional reality. Spirituality is awakening of the physical senses buttressed by empiricism leading back to source. Some believe God as source but not in a religious sense, and that’s OK. Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God, which makes ‘atheism’ itself spiritual. A believe in the non existence of God.

Fire your start-up to greater heights believing in yourself, your ideas, your beliefs – ascension of selected creative work clothes itself in transcendence.

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Exhibition? Conferences? Summits? Travel isn’t mandatory provided you can get same value for your live chat or webinars. However, travel for specific trade deals could be the only way to trash out some business affairs to discover what works and what doesn’t work for your business, translated through your negotiations and implementation strategies for the future. As VR becomes widespread, travellers can journey through expanse of the entire universe without leaving their own space.

There’s so much more to learn from the world of travel. So, safely navigate passages by not letting your guard down because it’s better journey with back to school mindset, not back to hospital.


Taking an interest in the world is about developing you, rather than for the world’s benefit. Do something to improve the wellness of those around you. Doing a quick recap of your setup and then, hopefully, you can say to yourself ‘Yep, good job, did OK’, and feel proud of what you’ve achieved. Try volunteering as a different approach to work and see what it does for your reputation and career. If you see someone in trouble, you can always go and say, ‘Can I help?’ It doesn’t hurt to be helpful.

Being someone who is always ready willing and able to help does not get you known as a pushover. Quite the reverse in fact.


Above nine ingredients can be summed up in 4 letters: LOVE. To spell it out correctly, the gap between where we are and where we ought to be is a deliberate design by the cosmos for our improvements. It is this call for meaning to our lives which makes us become better version of ourselves because love counts. Knowing what counts and what doesn’t count is a skill set mastered to help you discover key aspects of your life’s work. Love produces, remotely, detached. This love notion reflects a paradox.


Hence the word of the Zen master, ‘not till you abandon all thoughts of seeking something will you be on the right road to the gate’. Love is immortal, disinterested in bribes, even-handed, unselfish. It helps distinguish between signal and noise.


Greetings to fellow brethren in the LORD power and love to your startup

Recover completely from setback and set-up goals for tomorrow

REMEMBER to greet one another with a holy click

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