Packing tips for traveling lite (from the outside in)

From this moment onward, movement from position of inertia to follow up on your set goals should no longer be an option but of necessity. Travel is for all to experience what it means to be a part of worlds where pent-up energy go brutish when original intent of source isn’t channelled towards progressive energy releasing actions. 

For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction

Each and every day, people travel to the market, work, school, gym, gatherings and so on. Equating travel only to flying or sailing across geographical borders is a miscalculation; travel is simply distance A to B in linear motion A/B. Unequivocally ABC motion A to B to C and C to A, in a perpendicular A to B fashion measured as linear motion A/B. Same measure applies to ABCD motion travel. In ABCD motion travel however, there exist twofold motion. a. Singular linear motion A/B  b. Double linear motion A/B with A/B twice. One original; one copy motion A/B. Doing the maths, there are 3 motion types mentioned. And all 3 motion types have starting point A. The starting point is quite symbolic, a triangular peak position mostly coined as home, base, or root. For end-to-end (circular motion), the traveller must draw upon “one original one copy” orientation, plus 360° situational awareness of copy as backward difference to original.

Falling short of end-to-end 360° is same as a path half journeyed – an incomplete circle. Some travellers give up way before they start their journey due to complacency, inability to see what purpose the copy serves, or some other factors too numerous to mention at present. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. So travellers carry on with their soul’s journey knowing a copy of their original motion exist as compass to pinpoint their relational position whenever they feel lost or find it difficult to stay the path. Keep it moving bro! And as we continue to embark on life’s journeys, a timely question begs for an immediate response:

Do you know your starting platforms? 

Man & portfolio
Travel like a FREE spirit 

Everyone knows how restorative a vacation can be. But drinking sex on the beach under a coconut tree isn’t exactly what travel embodies. Why not go on a trip that doesn’t only immerse you in relaxation, but also immerses you in an exotic culture which thinks, communicates, and expresses differently? Familiarize yourself with other ways of being by engaging with different people living very different lives.

Stamp out negativity fast 

The best antidote for negative vibrations on your path is to maintain a positive outlook. Get the most from your trips by harnessing energy to build up purchasing power. You never know what’s in store, neither do you know what you’re capable of until your purchasing power begin to stack up. Not only should you purchase based on your energy pay grade (affordability), discard heavy handed positions so you could move easily then your ascent can speak of reason and peace. It can’t be right to dedicate your energy to wasteful spending. Energy conservation by means of not allowing negativity weigh you down is vital to lite travel. When you do lite, the height to be attained is anyone’s guess?

Make law of attraction work for You

When we take stock of our personal assets, we often discover significant aspect of our private lives not readily accessible to everyone. Through different music, clothes, words and sounds, smells and colourful images of newly found people, we discover a world that will stay forever through memories. The things that spring to mind is not how much stuff we amassed but the changes taking place through journey with people either living happily and constructively side by side or sad people driven by greed, who dehumanize, and spread fear. Another, those on the fence, served up your originality at the end of the session.

Attract wealth and prosperity

There’s a lot more people who stay broke because they are not able to attract wealth and prosperity into their lives. Honestly, without even trying very hard at all, you can turn things around and replace struggle with abundance. Quit the rat race, and build the life you want by tuning in to people who have gone before you. They have walked the path, know the path, and their discovery serve as a guide to help you make smart decisions along your path. Once a lead in your journey is within proximity, make room for both space, pace yourself for synchronicity, then pop your eyes open to the link they serve and remember to take action.

Make your vision work

Take a deep breath prepare yourself for the missing ingredient in your wealth creation journey and use it virtually to guarantee success. Get excited to work with those along your path who have recipes for success. Hold on to your vision work so your life too can drip like a fountain of joy and abundance. Finally get the life you were destined to live by tapping into universal success formula of abundance discovered by Heather. Heather will show you how to use the secrets that seals the deal to get fast tangible results. This formula will not work for you if you don’t use it. Allow the universe bring amazing results into your life today. Nothing works unless you do. Remember to take action.

Must visit locations 

The key to happiness isn’t the size of your wallet but how you use your wallet. According to a well-known saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold’. So, If you have romantic love to give or take as soon as you rise, prudence is deeply satisfying. “Better not overdo it” is a trip advise every traveller should take on board before venturing into unfamiliar territories. One of the more obvious places to search for clues is through Google maps. Hungry? Explore all around you for different manner of foods and quick bites. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, geolocate a different world of adventure. Feeling down due to a bad day? Go dance and cheer up. Feeling elated like you’re starring in a movie as Nicolas Cage or any of your favourite characters? Just dance. It’s up to you if you wanna fancy dress your character for a far reaching ‘fantasy becomes reality’ mingle. This way, you’re more likely to call forthwith; and find yourself side by side with your tribe at daybreak.

Like to move around like locals minimise travel disruptions? Tap bird image download 100% FREE navigation tool NOW – JUST RELEASED
Tap locals for incredible abundance 

No fortress can be built to be impregnable. If strong motivation exists, any locality can be penetrated, even burnt and brought to ruin. But the question then is whether it’s worth the price. The goal here is to preserve the romance. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in a friendly place or in a hostile place, one thing that remains constant is to tread your own path. Let’s say you are trader who follows the new ways; regardless of your sensibilities, some tradesmen will be sceptical of the new and prefer to stay with the old ways, minting for foodstuffs, iron, copper, Brent crude, and hide measured in cotton/linen. Double tap if you must, show local tradesmen the new way even though you risk establishing a new custom others are reluctant to accept. Well, If it’s the other way around, painstakingly subject your out-of-fashion exchanges to newer platforms by those initially perceived as local tradesmen.

One way or another, the lovely work of your hand is all that will remain as you journey forth...
Attract dream relationships

There are always activities going on here and there where you have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. The decentralize your life tour is a typical example of how to tap ideas from virtually any traveller helping communities empower themselves. Relationships are placed in our lives for a reason. In fact, relationship is a wonderful coincidence. So wonderful it should have pride of place as wonders of the world. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter whether you journey as single, couple, or group, what matters is to travel lite, make your journey less burdensome; often as light as possible. Relationships are there to guide us become the person we mostly desire to be. When we work on ourselves to be the person we love to see in another, we are planting seeds of friendship that will last forever. To single travellers who desire to couple up, the possibility of ever finding your twin comes closer after each and every journey you take into the core of your being.

Must visit landmarks

Even if you are Michael Jackson, always ensure too much time isn’t spent looking in the mirror especially when there’s a lot to-do. Iconic landmarks hosting numerous gigs, exhibitions and events are the hallmark of pilgrims. Visiting museums, energy points, religious sites, symbolic territories, passages, handling artefacts such as paintings or medallions are typical examples of connecting with the dead and many years of history. Gain insight into other timelines and possible future occurrences simply by reverent observations. As you deem fit, document your dialogue with friendly hosts because disseminated information was freely gifted but if any hostile territorial gatekeeper become enraged due to insight gained by your grasp of hidden knowledge, put finishing touches and pack in your belongings for a homerun.

Follow designated routes 

You don’t want to be caught out branching towards disaster zones which could have devasating effect on your mobility. Get real-time information about safe passages using navigation tools by digital mediums so you too can rise above private and cosmic destructive forces. Triggered avalanche during winter season is being inundated with ice but you’ll do well to avoid ski slopes when natural indicators data signal head towards the valley. A combination of intuition and master designated routes are keys to unlock your survival. Again, passages are built to describe exactly possible events on site, nature and significance of navigation through the most gruesome terrain. Paradoxically, routes guarantee some kind of memorable frontier, when man at last calls out for help, a deliverer of some kind will appear.

Submit your story

There are many ways to engage your story simply by displaying rare-gem of your discoveries. Blogs, social network sites, reports, forums are many ways to share your travel experience. You can also devise creative ways to press your story using catchy headlines. As a chronicler in your own spiritual journey, albeit prophetic, the presentation is express yourself as a third-person singular, looking in from the outside.


1. Bro; black, Asian, white housemates eviction. White housemates rally; housemates start doing Jacky Chan over all the substance and posessions of the king. 2. How are You? The great comedy of fight for difference between identical pairs. 3. Don’t you know the body we wear only house true soul essence of current incarnation in order to settle one or two karmic debit or credit, 4. and the soul essence is useful gradient of self expression visible to household? 5. Since ye lust for power, territoriality and social dominance obscure thy inner eye, 6. and yet life’s show manifest comical passages, the head destined to be king faces evil dogma day by day. 7. O God; let the sea roar. By fire by force beautify Your elect household crown, and justice to all his people. 8. Now here is the growing army’s quest, one four four thousand men of valor, stouthearted men who could keep ranks, famous men throughout their father’s house; 9. Packed their belongings taking only what is needed and all their brothers were at their command.


The writer played around with words, dribbling like real MVP before finally arriving at From dog to god: A core odyssey. Do you think the current headline, ‘From dog to god: A core odyssey’ is catchy or the story should have been titled, ‘From dog to god: An inmate’s odyssey‘, or ‘From dog to god: A mojo odyssey‘. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images courtesy of Pexels and Flickr

Disclosure: Iceini owners as of this day Friday 13th October 2017 have copy assets in a number of cryptocurrency holdings. Their personal investment perspectives have no impact on blog content.

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