How to choose between identical formation (11 key aspects to consider at T-juncture)

Hello reader,

This post is not titled for a game of spot the difference, neither is it written so the content can be pluralised as opposed to singular function of identical formation(s). Reviewing new compositions is a difficult undertaking. If you step forward with the sole aim about its forms and structural coherence, you may miss its expressive significance. All we are saying is worry less about bringing out your pen to strikethrough or X this write-up because the writer is only bringing to the reader’s conscious awareness, how to choose between identical formations. Even though identical formation isn’t only about physical manifestation, physical manifestation seems to be the most common Proof of Formation (POF). As physical POF mentality gradually start to dissolve in our collective psyche, formations expressed as ideas or concepts, at least through the reader’s eyes, is to arrange bits of composition here and there into meaningful structure to serve a fully functional purpose with harmony.

It doesn’t matter whether a formation is static or in-motion, and even if it has no immediate mundane applications, this XI key aspects to consider at T-juncture serves as an indicator to lighten your burden and point you towards making better decisions for the future. Today, key-in to this indicator so you too can dissolve noisy background and set yourself apart for a new Gestalt. Enjoy this starting XI with an open mind, pin it for memory’s sake, and if it does work for you like magic, You can thank me later.

I. Rock steady

Everyone gain satisfaction from solving problems, perceiving connections, understanding structures, learning new techniques. Even though being in concert isn’t just about musical performances, anything which lessens our distress at being surrounded by chaos, or promotes our shaky sense of control and mastery, gives us pleasure. Take a look at rock & roll concerts for example. Did you know fans make sense out of their head-banging experiences in a variety of ways? So much good artistry was pioneered within the past 30 years. There’s virtually inexhaustible treasure trove for the musically minded individual to explore. Even the most abstract intellectual patterns evoke our feelings.
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I. Material compass

In a material world, it’s no surprise things that glitter scream louder for attention. On one hand, original formation denotes higher numeric value. On the other hand, fake pose higher numerical value as impostor to original. An identifier who is yet to develop a fool-proof approach to combat disastrous alignment could easily be swept away forever. This, right here, may be the holy grail of choosing original more durable path regardless of Two identical formation’s similar numeric value or luminous intensity: Better device your litmus paper if you detest fakes as much as champions do. Seriously speaking, do what testers do, establish level of significance and rejection level. Through your operative manual you are able to determine originality. Whenever you come across a formation signalling hell, formulae is calling, run for base.

I. Mental compass

When for some unknown reason people say they prefer to go for lesser of 2 evils during elections, you start to wonder where all the good people go? Without going further into these petty matters or the Jack Johnson of things, human mind is naturally designed to discriminate after weighing the options right before their eyes. In every given T-juncture, if not led by ego and insecurities, you can distinguish the path that will spell doom in the long term. After much thought, you’ll discover conventional patterns of thinking tend towards self-preservation during pivotal shifts. Although the ‘community vs self‘ imbalance may be deplorable, we can hardly blame the ‘self’ choice for being so underadventurous. We always have last minute opportunity to make it right for the first time and if not, better luck next time so you can live your life as community champ.

I. Numbers

Identical formation can also appear in pairs. The most simplistic expression of alphanumeric nomenclature is binary. The numerical value of Two identical formations is not #1 determinant in choosing the path to follow. It’s how the numbers give a holistic meaning to your chosen path. The concept of pairs (double) is addressed under I. INTERVALS It is the place from which we depart and to which we return in a piece of classical work. As soon as things start to add up, it becomes clearer to see everything in-between is simply distortion –almost without being aware of it– we throw a fit, temper tantrums at numerals that were long and drawn out with mathematical precision, ad infinitum, full of lightning speed that would rise to great crescendos. It is when sub divisions of the original are undertaken that we begin to stray both from mathematics and from natural order of things.

I. Value

In looking for formation of great yield, you must follow certain guidelines. The paradox of value requires reading and studying from all different fields. Sometimes you will find an interesting anomaly in an unrelated discipline. A person’s inability to see an original formation does not diminish the formation’s real value. Do you see yourself as the super hunter with ever alert eyes scannning the landscape for the original formation that will expose a once-hidden reality with profound consequences? Gain better insight through adopting machnine crafts mentality. Of what value is your decision if it’s not assembly [community] oriented? Be synchronised so you don’t lose touch with its functionality. Think ‘group’ before making your final move. And if you are a solo rider, get on it without further ado.

I. Frame

Work your way through the formations right before your eyes. The yardstick for measuring its resilience and enduring traits should be your #1 motivating factor. If you notice in any way, shape or form that the alternative does not hold water, make move embrace the stronger. The lesson is simple- when we see or experience something we must be able to look at it as a whole or forming part of a whole. Regardless of your emotions, you can’t wish planet Earth to be bigger than it is. The frame is already predetermined, nothing can be added to it. We do not hold on to our original frame of mind out of sheer stubborness, or because ego. Frameworks are mathematically established constants tending to infinity. Solutions are determined within its given natural laws. Don’t stress the framework fam, solution as simple as ABC

I. Unexpectedness

Making sense out of anything depends upon relating one thing with another, upon discovering or imposing order. Some structures exist in order to convey ‘seismic’ shift. For this reason, things happen that will shock you. Huh? The listener may be unable to perceive structural shift due to low threshold for unexpected phemonena but perception of structure is important notion, and forms an integral part of T-juncture experiences. Like a sudden flash of lightning, riddles can either collapse or get solved. And most often, the perceiver cannot say for certain, what was the conveying thread which connected all the dots that led to identifying original formation.

I. Intervals (Music)

Unskilled decision makers who find that a ‘foreign’ structure does not fit the compass of ‘perfection’ often take the opposite path instinctively. The opposite path rooted in a familiar behavioural response appearing to deserve support. The ‘foreign’ path, expected to be perfect, is essentially imperfect by its very structure- nature and construction. Because our ears have become accustomed to habitual patterns which bears no relationship to harmony, we do not recognise both paths form one. But when we recognize both paths form one whole with a double meaning, we arrive unconstrainedly at perception of UNITY. The conceptions of ‘related’ and ‘foreign’ vanish. Everything in-between is conceived as dissonance in relation to the original composition, the only perfect consonance.

I. Alignment

Embarking upon a new composition is intensely troubling, coloured with disappointment, temporary setbacks, frustration, and inner rage. Then, when at last alignment docks and the notes begin to come, the music writes itself… There is no longer a composer who pushes the material about, but only its servant, carrying out what the notes themselves imply. It is certainly true that a great performance of great music can temporarily uplift us, remove us from all our anxieties, it is not neccessarily equal to the marvellous tranquillity and unity which Schopenhauer called ‘oceanic’. Even though relying fully on intution could be the only viable option in making split-second decisions, accuracy is more reliable over speed as far as alignment with original formative idea of harmonics go.

Contrast produces an immediate effect. Similarity satisfies us only in the long run. Similarity is born of a striving for oneness.

I. Ease of Flow

Decisions taken from the core of your being 100% tend towards bliss. Even though doubts come knocking ocassionally, you are rest assured you are on the right path in your universal journey after making decisions in tune with who you are as a person. Here, fake formation can be used; but only as bridge or contrasting steps on the way home to a perfect flow. The aprenticeship or grooming you’ve passed through prepares you well for any T-juncture moment. In your mind, you can hold together all the harmonies and melodies you’ve absorbed over a time period. Let us be content to say that when winter comes, it is mostly unlikely that icicles transposition with hot iron rod is pure coincidence. Your innovations did not spring from any conscious desire to provoke or rebel. As you shatter glass ceilings; breaking new grounds, stay true to yourself.

I. Not man-made

The sources of most eminent works of art & science such as Beethoven’s symphony 9, is directly derived from sources which can be mathematically demonstrated and which are not man-made. The sources of these creation principles are similar to discoveries of higher civilizations who visit ‘lower’ dimensions to guide them towards higher intelligence. Also, Pythagoras and natural harmonic series is a work of typical wave formation and its resonance with shape shifting movement.

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Music major

A great deal of instruments are formulated to codify protocols governing number of harmonics produced in natural musical rythm, and from those to deduce original harmonic principles. In general, formations with few accompanying harmonics like those produced by a tuning-fork are rather dull and monotonous. While the original path is clear enough, there are always gaps, incomplete or unconvincing transitions, left between the realm of fake formation and the realm of original experience, even if we leave ‘instruments’ out of nature’s account…such speculations have been in many cases the product of brilliant minds, of indisputable processing power, whose scales have been rendered dissonant by elements of superior tuning.

Composers, like writers, have often been inspired by the imagination. Yet it is quite easy to point out that each to be or not to be’ author, in a manner quite consistent with his erudite stature, finds in the squabbling a tool he adapts to his individual and peculiar purpose. We cannot dispel it by turning round. Tracing its source may be impossible; and, even if we succeed in this, we can not stop a writer from hearing what he composes.

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