How To Open Doors You Never Knew Existed (Part 2)

It is highly recommended you first read How to open doors you never knew existed part 1 which contains 4 cues then continue here for How to open doors you never knew existed part 2

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5. Numbers

Apart from the cosmic significance of numbers, the correlation between dates and events goes way back since the beginning of time. Events specific dates are not only recorded to make space in time, they also serve as compass of historical progress made over lifespans.

Take this world map as the face of a clock adorning your wrist right now. Watch-empty wrist? No worries. Take a look at a wall clock. Any wall clock and you can see

North N 12

East E 3

South S 6

West W 9

Doing the maths, let’s add up

North East NE= 15

North West NW= 21

South East SE= 9

South West SW= 15

Cardinal points

From a global standpoint, positioned centre of the equator, Canada area holds the highest numerical value in terms of true North. Let’s say a bull is stationed at the entrance to a train station built with mathematical precision in Ottawa, and you are heading home to the family in a race against time. You will do well sacrifice the bull to redeem long-term value of your timely presence bearing in mind your modest take home is a reflection of reversal in current weather [tic toc]. At the end of the day, you’ll only have yourself to thank for being a faithful thinker.

6. Animals

Of all the animal lovers in the world, souls whose lives are centred around pure thought have absolute vibrational harmony with natural evolution helping them through soul progression from lower to higher levels of consciousness.

The world’s religions have long debated whether animals possess souls. In Judaism for example, there are different levels of the soul, with the lowest being animals and the highest humans. Every animal has its own particular classification of intelligent energy and humans move up and down the ladder connecting their spirit with one form of animal to another. Read 12 qualities that indicate you are a true wolf among sheep so you gain better insight on what it means to be in tune with your spirit animal. Each animal have specific patterns and function. Chimps are known to have complex life forms, dogs are protective, cats are resourceful, birds have distinct aerodynamic technicalities, dolphins have complex speech patterns. In fact, “Dolphins have been seen protecting swimmers from sharks by swimming circles around the swimmer or charging the sharks to make them go away.” (Source Wikipedia)

Because no animal is as complex and multifaceted as the human soul, we have the freedom to remake our lives after any catastrophe if we are willing to take the responsibility to do so. More important than the event that test us in life is our reaction to these events and how we handle the consequences.

7. Signs

The privilege of signs, even the subtlest, convey hidden knowledge with life changing implications. Once this is realised, things suddenly attain a new significance. 1. The biblical account of God instructing Moses to sprinkle blood on the doorframe of His chosen people’s home so the angel of death can pass over when it’s time to kill the enemies is a point of convergence for royal genealogy and masonic architecture. Historically, the spectacularly different impact of the encounter was interpreted in a Jewish, not an Egyptian, context. To try to understand what signs might be and how to distinguish between original [light] and fake [darkness], it is necessary to look at impact of natural selection under much higher magnification. 2. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” For everyone else who tries to lift it, it won’t even budge. Not only is physical contact considered a conduit of spiritual power, a person’s presence conveys something of their spiritual essence.

As regards above 7 cues, we can see the forensics are saying the same as the chemistry. There’s no reason to doubt spiritual signs, symbols and synchronicities move forward in direction of victory towards the light.

Images via Pexels and worldatlas

Journeying home? Don’t go resting on a boob which doesn’t belong to you otherwise you feel the full force of booby trap

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