11 Timely Questions Calling For Answer When Faced With Serious Situation

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Written by Adegbola Adeyemo Successful living writer, father Blockchain enthusiast, #1 Jon Snow fan doing his bit bring light to the world’s dark places.Β Author, Sixth Dimension. On Twitter @iolakruz



Something remarkable happened during the course of writing this blog post. Consequently, I deviated from my usual presentation style which has captured my core readers, with the hope of relaying a far-reaching message to a broader audience. My earlier posts are full of coded texts visible only to masters of creation that rivals have struggled to beat. My writing is packed full of esoteric knowledge but its success rests as much as anything on a shift in thinking to planetary laws as opposed to national parole where the lower self – immediate gratification, selfish quest, overconfidence trap, arrogant demeanour – is left wailing in the pool of chaos.

There are vital questions. Yet arrogant people may not stop to ask them. Why else do people go ahead with a task doomed to fail when all indications point towards a bleak future as a result of failing to consider the other side of the equation.

Did you ever drop your tools failed to utilize them and suffered disastrous outcome as a consequence? You will never go down that road again once you reframe and furnish your mind with this eleven (11) questions.

#1 What Do I Want Achieved?


#2 Did I Take Myself Through Reality Of The Situation?

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#3 Result?

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#4 What Stopped Me Doing More?

#5 What Would I Do If I’m In Complete Control?

#6 If I Could Change One Thing In The Situation, What Will I Change?

#7 What Will Someone I Admire Do In The Situation?

#8 What Am I Going To Do?


#9 What Could Stop Me?

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#10 How Could I Avoid That Happening?

#11 What Support Would I Need?



Asking the right questions should become a habit of mind. Start by searching for keystone question; that is, the central issue from which other questions flow. Notice, succintly, thatΒ 11 Timely Questions Calling For Answer When Faced With Serious Situation all flow from one central question, namely: What is it precisely that you want to achieve? That is the keystone question.


A complimentary yardstick for weighing what really matters, the pivotal goal, the one thing that really matters when making optimal decision- provided it is used carefully, supposing you have donned all the hats, weighed up ‘pros’ and ‘cons’, and yet you are still undecided, is listen to what your emotions are telling you. Reframe; deploy killer moves eliminate showstoppers based on fact, not assumption; ask the right questions; weigh up alternatives; engage with courage; crown your decision with good judgment because we have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

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Not for the faint of heart.

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Have the best future make good decisions now share this post with family friends live extraordinary life believe you can achieve whatever good your mind can conceive.

What do you think aboutΒ 11 Timely Questions Calling For Answer When Faced With Serious Situation. Is the author right to point out your head will take you only so far. That to make a good decision, you have to analyse and weigh the possibilities, but you also have to listen to what raw emotion is telling you? Let us know in the comment section.

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