A Trader’s Journey and The Desolation of Bank (21st Century Drama)

A trader’s journey and the desolation of bank (21st century drama)

In the course of your journey, you are constantly pursued by time and ageing, Two immutable facts ruled by natural forces. On your arrival to Earth, you came in straight to the market place, submitting yourself before the altar of family, imploring the protection of parents and guardian.

Before long the socialising agents begin to shape your behaviour in relation to your environment. Here you are, and you know this altar of family is a refuge which will protect you not only from an insignificant nobody but also from your own whims and caprices to which you are bound to stray at each and every crossroads. The land to which we have come is a land of freedom! How can you hope to see your freedom right, or decide in favour of your path of travel, before seeing or hearing both (crossroad) sides? You are in charge of this process, to-do and to-say what you can for yourself. The persons you wish to take with you are permitted to speak for themselves because they bear witness to the truth of your plight. And for their sakes you give to receive, and receive in order to give; only then can you and your family be assured of victory!

Yes, we are like shipwrecked mariners who thought they had reached the shore but we are swept out to sea again by the ruthless storm. Why do we deceive ourselves with idle hopes and dreams? We are lost! But suddenly a ray of hope finally shines through the darkness. Thank goodness for the break of dawn.

Years have passed and you are unable to interpret the reason for your mournful past. Maybe your forebears are to blame for their misfortune and unable to grasp that to which victory is promised? As for the “narrow passage”, maybe they misunderstood what was implied. Now that you know the meaning of victory, do what you have set out to-do, and embark upon your enterprise with the good fortune attending your path.

What Goes on Behind the Scenes?

Now let’s delve into this 21st century drama that will give George R. R. Martin a run for his money, “A Trader’s Journey and the Desolation of Bank.”

The Plot

Banter, as an emissary to pilgrims, had been guilty of a grave breach of the laws governing a guest and his host and the rights of his peoples. Besides trust funds and angel investors, the rest of the banking world are allies of his brute economic force. On a final quest to conquer the entire natural sea world of treasures, a storm has come to strike their ship. And now almost all millennials have risen to the call of decentralisation of banks. Staunch friends of the Earth have also joined the alliance instead of sticking with the madness which has pervaded his entire banking landscape.

Guess who I am?

Evidently, I have been treated worse than a leper. I am Victor, family of Thor, whom Zeus sent to Earth through sixth dimension. As soon as news of my appearance was received, I was racked with cordon. They landed me here while I slept and left me with a few beggar’s rags and a little food. Imagine my awakening! My fright when I found myself alone, freezing to death, no physician at hand, no help, nothing but solitude and pain! Days and years have passed since then, and I have had to see to my own needs. My bow here kept me fed for a little while. As for this island, it is the poorest bit of earth in the world. The art of stealing travellers quiver while making mockery of their pain has been perfected with no remorse. There are no men here with whom a merchant could trade. Whoever lands here does so because he must. And there are a few such men. After giving me the benefit of the doubt as to whether my landing here was deliberate or not, I found a handful of breadcrumbs on my lap, but not one of them would consent to take me home. I hear the cry of my children, a boy and a girl from far away. Ten years I have been living this wretched lonely life, and this is the fault of Banter and his legion. Now the gods requite their evil deed on this day of reckoning.

The leaders of various groups had seen many generations grow up from all corners of the globe with no hope in the world. From people in Africa to Asia, Iceland to the land of the aborigenes, there’s an outcry for a turning point in food redistribution. Besides these leaders, commanders have arrived in their fleet nearer and nearer to the battle core following a final oath of allegiance to restore the rights of peoples. Alas! This odyssey’s live broadcast have relieved Victor of his sorrows. He hears the clash of arms and confused Banter (the last of his breed) hasting for weapons as if a battle were being waged nearby. The commanders who only sighed, lined up their finest armor. They stood man beside man in a solid mass, like a cliff in the sea against which the tide pounds in vain, while the spray of the surf spatters its sides. Banter assembled his fans for he had no men of valour left. They crowded around their boats and exhorted one another. “Be men!” he called to them. “Or do you think there are others who will help you, or a stronger wall to shelter you? You have no city to flee to. Our safety depends on the strength of our arms.” They obliged to his thundering voice, for shame and dread kept them together. Jubilant and eager he ran to the wall and urged camaraderie to fight and win glory for themselves. At his call, men who would not dare face a Dragon quickened with new courage and rushed into battle.

Through the howl at sea and the booming in the clouds, Victor recognised the voice of the father. Legend has little to tell of the next line of action…

Key features

Father caused a beautiful bull to rise up through the waters. Victor was greatly pleased at the prospect of capturing to ride it like a buggy, whence he was to depart for the land of champs, and his gait was as easy as a ship sailing a smooth sea. The commanders were satisfied with this achievement, but after they looked over the captured bull with delight, set it free again.

On the homeward journey a new adventure awaited him on the coast of Turkey, for here he found Athena, fettered to a rock, waiting in speechless terror for the monster which was to devour her. All the people knew she is the only girl in the world laden with diamond apple. Then Victor wrestled with the monster, held him up inna the air, where he was helpless and strangled him in his grip. He hated savage animals and wicked people, because this reminded him of the years he was unjustly branded ‘disabled’ under the reign of Banter. Lo and behold, the avenger of all inhumanity on earth appeared and asked the monster, ‘Do you even crypto?’


But the monster only burst into hideous laughter. “You are a fool, stranger!” he said. “You do not know who you are dealing with. Do you think we are concerned with machines and their robocops? I shall spare neither you nor your friend.” He bounced back from Victor’s grip with minimal effort, pumped his fist to deal an upper cut which prompted the avenger to rain down Turkish delight the size of giant pizza. After the monster had filled his belly with food, they let him snore as he threw himself on the floor of his cave to sleep. Sooner he awoke from the heavy stupor, he resigned himself to his fate for the earth began to quake under his feet. There was a final attempt to enter through the gate of Hagia Sophia – for postural balancing – but the entrance was blocked. Hardly had Victor watched the ground swallow the monster, when the god caused an eagle, the king of birds, to fly over his head to drop a message as would a sparrow. And he began to speak like a soothsayer, in a voice resonant with power and ecstacy.

“Language is socially constructed, and depends on the meaning people attach to it. Because language is not rigid and changes depending on the situation, the very usage of language is rhetorical. I belong to a New World and I want my readers to share that world within its text.”

“Yes, Victor, you shall have the son you desire, and he will be as majestic as this imperial bird”, said Athena after hearing these words. “He will be great in the service of the god of war.” But now, though late, a second wooer arrived upon the scene jerrycurled, and fortunately he was far from any ray of light. Victor knowing he has gained the upper hand, unburdened Athena with a kiss. Seeing he has undisputed possession of his bride, the next morning bade farewell unto the heat of battle.


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When all was done, she threw the garment of cotton, which was of no further use, on the floor, summoned a Barbie, and put in her hands the gifts for Victor. “Take this to my husband,” she said. “It is a garment I wove with my own hands. None shall wear it but he; nor shall he expose the stuff to any other before the day of consumation, when he shall solemnly adorn himself in it as king before the gods. For I made a vow that all this should be so, if he returned to me a victor. And this is really my wish and message, he shall see by this signet which I entrust to you.”

Zeus summoned the people to assembly. They came with tranquil hearts, and the people marvelled at Victor’s elegant beauty and thought that Apollo or Ares had suddenly appeared among them. Athena, in the shape of Mentor, and with yearning eyes looked at the man who unburdened her looking completely battered. A warm bath was prepared to rest him from the fatigue of his journey. For five days Zeus celebrated his return in joyful feasting with friends and kinsmen, and a covenant was established between the king and his peoples.

Do you think this short novel will give George R.R. Martin a run for his money if made into motion picture? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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