10 Ways To Increase Your Perceptions And Aspirations In A Cybernetics World (Mobile friendly)

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I. Airdrop

Evidently, residents of a higher world are quite aware of enthrallment posing as difficulty to those who are at lower levels – many whose decisions are still under the reign of their animal instincts – especially when a paradigm shift is being brought in to attention. Iconic dramas such as, ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ illustrates how the almost brutal use of humour can be visually applied to define a lower world’s shortcomings. – From a higher level perspective.

Q: “What is Airdrop anyone?”

As reported by Bloomberg, AIRDROP might be the most profitable Google trending term. Odds are if you know what this word [Airdrop] means, you’ve had the opportunity to make a lot of money in the past few months.

II. Attention: Push notifications

Pop up engagement window is a two- way street. There is original source and there is, you know? Fake one. If in doubt, Norton your browser filter out the fakes because “push notification” is a totally different ball game from “cookie consent”. Any badass antivirus software will not only protect you from cyber attacks, it provides good toolkit for identifying junks, logging them as threats and trashing them. There are people out there who may be determined to dump their useless shit on your work flow.

Why not give any Blockchain inspired website a go test how push notifications work.

III. Consistency

The form you filled on your first day at hospital, school, social club, workplace, or registry office provides relevant data for institutional filings. Name, home address, DOB, are few of the information gathered. In the online world, cell phone number(s), email address(es), social media profile(s), and domain name(s) is your passport and credit facilitator. Algorithmically speaking, when you have a fixed identity, you are trusted to be live at sight for end to end transactions. Establish your identity not Jack today and Jill tomorrow. Gain trust points boost status following your veris as most platforms’ verification protocols are synced with one another. Move address {url} only if you must for security reasons. Before you take any drastic move, remember you don’t have to panic about cable attacks in a world of cloud computing there is only one port you’ll need to pass – ISS. Wherever you are on Earth with internet access, there is your identity. You are good to go.

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IV. Cupid: Relationships and soul group crystallization

What is your login and password? Ref to Facebook match making. Dont go around liking random posts. The algorithm pulls your data footprint to map your personality and you don’t wanna end up with a potential match who detest sci-fi movies when you are indeed a die-hard Marvel fan. Who wouldn’t want to be part of conversation that makes them come alive

V. Engage

Upload image, meet and greet, engage. It is called social media, not isolation media. Individuals already in alignment with their group gain access to private content and communal updates. You may be one chat away from uncovering your ace. Interestingly, middlemen (Affiliate marketers) know how to do the leg work for you. They build community around niches so you better get the content they serve if you like to stay on top of your game.

After being fed “email drip”, “software”, or and the link served is no longer relevant to your current functionality, it’s never been this easy to unsubscribe one click apply. For “push notifications”, it’s more important to shine your eyes very well before you choose ALLOW or NO THANKS. The power is in your hand.

VI. Follow

People who inspire you. People who have huge following because of the position they have attained by utilizing their gifts.

Politics is a game of numbers where power reside mostly with the highest bidder and spirituality is an investiture where authority is exerted no matter how unpopular the decisions taken may be if put to a public vote. All have a duty to fulfill, the stats are there to prove it.

VII. Get social

Join social media channels, groups, like pages, share your ideas, contribute, review products and services, discuss in forums get the conversations you care about going. For users who are more focused on going viral side of things because revenue, You can find sub reddit in your niche and post link to your article. Go on Google type “Buy reddit account with karma” buy an account from results on first page to playerup. Most marketing campaigns are geared towards backlinks to bring your content to the fore. Do your own research before investing.

VIII. #Hashtag

#justfortoday #amreading #amwriting #wednesdaywisdom #Thorsday #TBT #friyay #FridayFeeling #WTF #pantrychat #foodies #pinittowinit How to use hashtag

IX. Read

Most mistakes come from not reading. I have made many mistakes by not paying close attention before going on a course of action and the results have been rather unpleasant. During a recent Skype phone screening exercise with a Chief Financial Officer applicant at Iceini, the first question the applicant asked is if Iceini is a recruitment agency? Carefully, I explained to the gentleman how LinkedIn Talent Solutions have replaced the heyday of handing out or uploading your CV to employment agencies so they help you gain employment. Presently, your profile create opportunities. LinkedIn Talent Solutions will do to Recruitment what Uber did to Taxi companies whose services are now more or less hitchhiking.

Remember some valuables can either “look too good to be true” or unattractive at face value, so better read before you tap that NO THANKS button. Read not for reading sake, read so you may understand. Wish you best of luck.

X. Uncle Google knows You

No point hiding your report card.

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