To Be Discontinued (Blunt cut in)

Thanks to everyone who have spent their time one way or another reading and engaging with the content of this blog since inception.

Written by Adegbola Adeyemo owner doing business across cloud computing and IoT, founder at iceini. A blockchain hostess with the mostest.

Welcome on board

On this day, the decision to discontinue our blog have not been taken lightly. Up until this present moment, insight and knowledge acquired over many years of study have been constantly shared with passion. A passion so intense we didn’t really care about our own immediate needs. We saw the future and keyed into it by investing every bit of our resources so that things that matter will not be at the mercy of things that matter less. And just for one moment, I thought we were going to finally make it despite what we had been through and all that we had lost. We had escaped from the energy patterns of the past. We are moving forward to a green pIanet redeem the past of its deranged self-centerdness. I have BTC assets. I will preach Crypto and tell the whole world what happened and we will be frontiers. But then, someone in the shadow spoke.

Antagonist: “I don’t feel well.”

Me: “I know. I know what will cure the ailments. I know about a revolution. I can’t talk about that now.”

Further reading: Do not come late to the revolution

Statistically speaking, the feedback on our blog is minimal even though user generated content forms an integral aspect of our engagement model. Looking at the bright side, there’s 50/50 chance one of our write-up have impacted someone’s life for good. Be it one person who stumbled upon our content and got lifted, we have conveyed a classic example of passing light to the person destined to discern and receive it.


I am definitely impressed by the blockchain of everything. Blockchain makes a case for a paradigm shift affecting how we live through the next century. I am seriously involved not only because of its functionality and its consequential cleaner climate, I am an active participant because it matters more to my future both as a business entity and a private individual […]

After many years of complacency by those who are supposed to use their position bring about a mandatory investiture to crossroad projects, it is now safe to say, “360° complete plug-in can wait another century.” [Prophetic call 2117]

Regardless of how efficient and effective most innovative ideas are, a world not prepared to walk new path must either experience a planetary Near Death Experience (NDE) to come to its senses or undertake deeper introspection connect with higher vibration before birthing what the innovation implies.

Just so you know, it shouldn’t be a surprise when heavenly commissioned projects for the betterment of the human experience is placed on hold until the human mind develops enough capacity to receive it. Don’t go hard on the brain with a club in order for the medulla oblongata tune-in to higher states of consciousness OK? That is batshit crazy and that stuff is for losers. The evolution of human consciousness is an ongoing process between man and his environment. Both rely on each other for survival and continuity.

Having written this in the simplest language so the able reader can understand the message being communicated, I have nothing to add but present a clearer picture of the world to come within a very short space of time.

Through September 2018, Iceini and owner disengage all their related social media posting based on a private decision to focus on something else. We have not made a permanent decision based on temporary setbacks. We have made a temporary decision based on reality check.

No turning back

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been actively trading FX to build some financial muscles look after pressing needs ensure the family thrives. I have gone as far as investing in the crypto market only to be surrounded by dupes who either can’t navigate through cryptosphere or asset managers who don’t know what it do. To cut the long story short, everything remained the same regardless of the cashier terminal we used. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that software has eaten our initial 250 deposit for starters. Recently, I think there were no lights in the building when a self proclaimed senior vice president of a crypto platform closed our APPLEUSDT and BTG positions. It wouldn’t be easy but climbing up to reclaim those positions will take magic and hopefully one will not walk into another ‘asset manager’ trap again. Money wasted can be recovered but wasted time is forever gone. To be honest, the fun doing it and the lesson learnt is the most profitable part. Otherwise, it’s a futile exercise.

Let’s face it, you don’t really know who is on the other side of the website you use and their reasons for abusing the internet as a space for diabolical intrigue. Therefore it takes superior encryption (security) to protect you from identity theft or the bastardization of your numeric worth.

I got a bit lost

In the course of my journey to cash out what can be considered as peanuts from over a billion euros digital assets associated with iceini, I made a little discovery on how my trade positions were delibrately targeted for a loss; – an encounter worth sharing so outsiders know what their government is capable of doing. The messed up demented aggression they perpetrate against their citizens at will, taking away from the innocent people they swore to protect. Oh no!

In the meantime, why not digest a situation where a person, albeit homeless, who chipped in £250 on the London Stock Exchange expecting a decent ROI was cordoned off by city multimillionaires.

Look, when all fundamental technical indicators point to BUY USD/JPY and SELL GBP/USD only to see one pair paused and the other pair moving speedily opposite to trade signals, precise trade signals delivered by intelligent trading system, you know something strange is going on. I observed the market being slapped down each and every time it was suppose to go up. A trade volume of 1WEEK executed within 15MINUTES chart subsequently triggered a ripple effect across the board. My heart sunk as every part of me felt pain especially for EUR/CAD long before a financial advisor showed up TRY and rescue the situation to no avail. There was nobody to turn to but God. I wept.

The story one is narrating is not a scene from casino royale. It is a real case of entire FTSE100 move towards putting our light out. And in the course of a desperate attempt to set fire to our portfolio and a possible crypto heist, they have burnt the GBP in the abyss of chaos from which it will never recover.

[Ecclesiastical court]

The events that ensued prompted a tirade of Tweets and there wasn’t any other option but to quickly deactivate my Twitter account before I go down the path of cheap suits. The temptation to resort to barbarity was so strong I had to deactivate Facebook too.

Direct your thoughts, control your emotions, and ordain your destiny.

Looking up to the future?

From what I understand, there are plenty of books to write, topics to blog about (such as How To Rescue What Is Left of GBP Using It To Decorate A Wall), landmarks to visit, and people to meet because it has been written in my star. To deny the world of this gift would be a deliberate decision on my path especially when ‘immaculate’ conception is at the mercy of ‘trashy’ undertaking.

We know. We always know what is really going on with us and around us. There are times when we know but the situation is too painful to broadcast. We keep quiet because we don’t wanna start a riot.

As travellers, in order to master the lessons of the university of life, we must first learn to be still. You should never take alienation personal. Never take anything personal including racism, sexism, xenophobia, and every other social vices deployed to make you feel unwelcome. I have been tempted to call UK out for being a hostile environment towards new tech initiative the likes of UBER adopting the blockchain but something told me to remain quiet.

I have arrived just in time for the endgame but a curtain of silence seems to have fallen on the marketplace. At last I spoke. They have hit me and iceini on the head whenever they got the chance. In those moments, my every instinct was to turn and run but I don’t leave. I couldn’t. This is the only chance I would ever get and I have to take it.

Anyway, there’s an overwhelming peace together with the fam. It’s a beautiful thing to rock classical image and something deep within me has risen to the surface.

Expect one.

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

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