Seeing through the shroud – A unique spectacle

They seem to enjoy themselves, although you will think Diane Abbot and Missandei which is awkward

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Getting started with big reveal

Nearly 8 years ago, in a peripheral, troublesome province of planet Earth, an episode took place that would change the world more profoundly than any other event in history. A spark was struck amid the blockchain kindling of modern business institutions, a spark that led, within a short space of time, to a newborn fire-storm threatening the entire London Stock Exchange. Real flames soon accompanied this metaphorical fire. It took a while for the fire to be put out, for this inferno to die down; elsewhere, notably in trading and metal exchange, it is still blazing.

What, then, was the spark? What ignited this “light shining in the darkness?” This is surely one of the most important historical questions we can ask. Yet the answer is still radically uncertain. We can be confident that it had something to do with an entity called iceini, a disruptive biz from the land of dreamers who was helped by a prefect from the domain of the Aborigines – real indigenous personality, whose extraordinary career is a historical mystery of truly epic proportions. It is this mystery that I here set out to solve.

The historical riddle

In 2009, a bundle of Joy was conceived. From the vantage point of the Polish aristocracy, a Polish man moved to Australia. His journey apparently took place in the late 80’s, soon after his arrival in the province he was trading gold but imbued with spiritual significance. Untroubled by the travails of the Australians themselves, this was, no doubt, an accurate assessment of his living embodiment. But on the ground in Poland all was not quiet. The only seed he left behind in Wroclaw Poland began her quest to reunite. This quest means taking seriously a matter that has long been banished to the outermost fringes of family debate. Having first concealed it due to well laid strict ethical rules, the matter is the shroud of Australia. The first half of the story is just about to begin:

Rock solid foundation

Here, we have a story that enables us to reconstruct the events of our lives in remarkable detail, transforming it from a historical blank into one of the most thoroughly knowable episodes of history. The author has carefully presented his take on the interconnectedness of matter and how ideas are conceived through chain of divine influence. A chain of intricately interwoven events bringing what was ‘hidden’ into the light, deliberately crafted to help humans solve the simplest mysteries pertaining to the empirical justification of divinity – an often misunderstood concept debunked mostly as pseudoscience by those unable to raise their consciousness to the inner workings of the unseen. Thought leaders and great minds have battled with these sort of ideas for generations but a point of convergence has always been difficult to achieve between the empirical validated material world and inestimable unseen world. How then can we extricate ourselves from this centuries old dilemma?
OPINION: We are at an impasse: ‘human science’ is unable to show the way forward; traditional faith can only point backwards. The only way is to try a new approach, one unfettered by the usual modes of thinking. A way to merge both worlds to further the development of standardised route to take human civilisation to higher state of being.

Well, what exactly has this got to do with copper? Iceini themselves, who publish content via have always explained the origin of their business via a divine mystery and esoteric call of fate, the ascension, by which is meant (roughly speaking) God’s miraculous restoration to new life after a brief spell among the walking dead, and setting the business concept upon a solid rock. It would help, of course, if we could say for certain what we first understood by the concept of miraculous restoration – especially for those who are reading and wondering why believe in God forms part of our shared values and guiding philosophy.

If a concept is convincing in itself, lack of provenance means nothing.


In a split second, the shroud can be seen by many of the enlightenment – the precursor to advancing civilisation – a new age of reason that knocks-out from our more suggestible lower-self, previous conditions out of line with higher-self, by transforming the enigmatic call of fate towards transcendence. Consider the earliest great pyramid characterised by divine trigonometry, planetary coefficient, mathematical precision, sound architecture, time-frame and hard work of labourers, investment and movement of raw materials employed in it’s successful edification. As technology continues to advance, homes will be constructed in minutes instead of months. Tiring work will be done by machines. Without the need for labour, we can dedicate our minds to the collective advancement of our civilisations.

Copper already packed a 7K punch

As yet, many entrepreneurs have been unable to agree on this type of issue, mainly because it is inextricably linked to the contentious interpretation of organised religion itself. Decision makers who would rather see before they believe often pose grave danger to the unseen hand propelling civilisation towards the existence of astronomical matters arising. Astonishingly, copper will be used as integral part of next generation megalithic structures and it is already in ascension, valued as a palladium – a spiritual protector – and as a prototype for instrumental icons of the fin-tech sector.

Copper is reputed to be LORD of wire and cable industry, consumer durable with applications in transportation, electrical appliances and machinery, defence and construction.

Waaay up I feel blessed

Confusing the shroud figure with an animal might be taken for a sign of madness, but you haven’t been struck by a fit of insanity reading this. Have You? Rather, you can engage a form of historical consciousness that becomes second nature to all historians of classical art. The renaissance archetypes, movies and literature revealing the world as we know it, the world which was and which is to come; sharing ideas, being present, and loving the moment is all part of the reason why the journey to Earth is simply to connect the dots placed in our pathway for collective goals and aspirations for better living. As we continue to build the next generation equipping millennials with the necessary resources in ritual observance of our joint rock solid foundation, we are bearing witness to our own existence.

Look what the author’s daughter just made him do.

What do you think about the author @iolakruz idea to do the Q&A? Would you provide a sense of security for your child? Let us know what you think about duty and what length you’ll go to protect your family in the comments below

Images via Pexels and CoinTelegraph publication October 27, 2017 6.11PM

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