Keys to finding magical products for the marketplace (for health, fitness, & fashion bloggers)

I am here with you

We are not alone at the beginning. We come to the world with a magical or otherworldly counterpart who prompts the life and work. If life has a base that it stands upon…. then my [life] without a doubt stands upon this invisibility.

It is of lying half asleep, half awake, in the studio of North London dreaming of physical products I can sell to make some money so that I can carry on with my art. It is of encountering social media waves…. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, LinkedIn. etc… and feeling, it is almost impossible to find a path to success in social media due to the many experts already established in the game.

Because  I have so little, I rely on my imagination.

Many years ago, my entrepreneurial mind fashioned  ‘dice’ as a navigation instrument for my life’s journey. And by the way, dice is an acronym for Dreams Imagination Creativity Energy. If this sounds good to you, please read on and relish the tasty update I’m about to share.

We dull our lives by the way we conceive them. We have stopped imagining them with any sort of romance, any fictional flair. It was Pablo Picasso, I think, who once said that, “I don’t develop; I am.”

In this absorbing work, let me share the steps I discovered to finding a product aligned to your passion and how to safe guard it. You can call it stairway to wherever you dream of being. You feel me?

1. Find A Strong Passion

The pull of passion comes with force; you may feel full of passion. But just what it is and how to get there remains undetermined. The passion may be double or triple and confused about whether to sing or dance, write or paint.

What are you passionate about?

2. Invest in Your Passion

The time you spend on your education is one of the greatest investment you can make. Investing your energy, resources, and everything you have to make something work. You ‘play your cards and take your chances’ just to solve problems. For example, expressing your passion through helping people develop healthy living to prevent them from conditions such as obesity or depression to enhance overall wellness.

In a nutshell, learning and growing in the things you have been equipped to do requires focus, hard work, patience, and dedication.

3. Find An Aligning Product

The year before, I had seen Son of God on Netflix. To me, it was the beginning.  I was overcome by a fever that has never left me. When the son of God turned water into wine at a wedding feast, the magic spoke in inaudible voices to my most secret feelings.

At that point, I was caught by happiness as wine began to flow nicely. The joyous faces of the newlywed turned their faces towards me. 365 days have gone by and nothing has changed; the fever is the same.

vegan snack bars
Glee Energy Bars

I found this energy bars during the course of developing my craft. After approaching the supplier, a negotiation was set in motion to enable us market this product which has been wonderfully and gleefully made.

To my understanding, I have to learn about energy/ protein bars from scratch because it fell on my lap unexpectedly.

During recent study, I came across  Three Simple Rules To Choosing A Passion Product

  • Forget what you think, forget what you like
  • Your passion is not your profit
  • Other people’s passion = Your profit.

4. Identify Your Audience

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service suits their needs and sells itself. If you say your target audience is “pretty much everybody” you don’t have much of a chance at delivering on conversions.

If you know who the people are, how they describe the type of services they offer -tailor your style to fit. What they want, how they choose and compare products, how their life is better using your product – thumbs up for your innovation! What are their needs that aren’t been met? What they don’t care about – It’s no use bombarding them with irrelevant junks. Believe it or not, most people hate spam as much as you do!

Additional reading: The Top 10 Ways to Find Your Audience by Ken McArthur: Best Selling Author

5. Cultivate the relationship

You not only have to hook the fish, you have to land it. Make sure you really do have a relationship that both parties understand and are ready to commit to. Failure to pin down the details can result in the fish swimming away after all. Be clear about what you are buying or selling.

You won’t stop at planting a seed in a flower pot and walk away, expecting it to grow. You keep watering the soil on which your customer/ partner relationship is built. As soon as it flowers, don’t leave it there. More attention is needed.

Plant an idea.

Let it grow.

Water occasionally.


In this business there has never been a tradition of the supplier recognising distributor alignment. We are water, wine, energy bars and NOVO to get our business up and running. Magical products so naturally suited to our company.

Even though there’s room for more development as we build new relationships to foster growth, we believe your interest in buying into our brand takes us further by developing a business that penetrates the market for the sole purpose of providing exceptional care to our service users.

We remain eternally grateful for entry!

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