8 Steps to Success (for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers & many more!)

This post should have been delivered few days ago but something remarkable happened with the supply of creative juice – popularly referred to as ‘writer’s block’. The steps could have ended in 7… except for the writer’s instinct who found the inner strength, and eventually recognized a spotlight leading to 8th step.

Step 1. Have a great attitude:

Attitude and enthusiasm move the people… sell yourself!

Step 2. Be on time:

If you’re not early, you’re late. Timing is essential for management.

Step 3. Be prepared:

Plan ahead, be organized.

Step 4. Work your full 8 hours:

Or as many as it takes to achieve your goals.

Step 5. Work the territory correctly:

Smother the territory. Communicate with everyone… it’s a numbers game.

Step 6. Don’t lose your attitude:

Protect your attitude. Each “NO” brings you closer to a “YES”.

Step 7. Know why you’re here and what you’re doing:

Making profit is important to the business, but using the Clients to learn the business is even more important.

Step 8. Take Control

Of your customers, your situation, and your future.


Got it? Comment about what difference this 8 steps mean to you.


2 thoughts on “8 Steps to Success (for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers & many more!)

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